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    Linked to the news industry from the outset

    Protecmedia is an international company which since 1979 has focused exclusively on software development and the provision of services for news companies. From the outset, its watchword has been its ability to adapt to the advances taking place in media companies in terms of computerisation and digitalisation. A clear sign of its commitment to this industry is that all of the founding partners of the company continue to sit on the Board of Directors.

    The capacity of permanent innovation, client proximity and experience - these are the main factors which have made Protecmedia the leading company in the sector.

    Every year, Protecmedia spends a significant part of its profits on R&D. Its commitment to the industry, the willingness to listen to its needs, explain its stability and its innovative capacity.

    Newspapers, magazines and news publications are experiencing seismic changes in their businesses, as a result of new technologies and social habits. Protecmedia offers a reassuring presence at their side during this process of change, enabling them to strengthen their brands and improve their leadership capacity in their respective social communities.