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    Semantic technology, the key to manage the content avalanche

    Companies handling written media currently have an overwhelming amount of information on their hands in the form of texts, photos, videos, etc and are desperate for any type of tool which helps them to catalogue and search efficiently this mass of multimedia content, one which allows professionals to be freed from long tedious processes so that they can do their work in the most efficient manner possible.

    In this regard, solutions based on semantic enrichment technologies which concentrate on the tasks of cataloguing, processing and analysing information, which stop media companies from being swept away by an uncontrolled deluge of content, are now vitally important. These technologies offer the company a whole range of possibilities that enable professionals to function in an intelligent, quick, dynamic and simple manner, thus allowing them to make the most of content in the least possible time.

    The goal of semantic technologies is to equip with greater intelligence all content self-cataloguing, enrichment, search and recovery processes which are carried out in the media. Of these, it is worth highlighting fuzzy, natural language or multilingual searches. These technologies thus offer a whole series of instruments that facilitate and improve the day-to-day work both of those responsible for archiving content and those in the newsroom in general, always giving pride of place to efficiency and rigour.

    In addition, the ability to control a large amount of content which is directly handled by a media company also opens up profit-making possibilities, through various marketing strategies. The aim is to have this massive volume of content perfectly organised and managed in a consistent and simple manner so that, where appropriate, a totally secure commercial outlet can be found for it.