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    Convergence is the way forward

    It seems clear that adding on is more effective than taking away. There is no doubt about this, in the same way that there is little doubt regarding the field to which it must be applied. And the field of the media, particularly at present, is not an exception. It is in this context that the idea of convergence as the sum of all efforts, not of division, fits perfectly. Finding the synergies within the different media – in short, cooperation – is a much more effective strategy than setting up separate newsrooms without any type of coordination.

    Without doubt, it is much more effective and profitable to have a multimedia strategy that allows the company to be present in all media, but without having to diversify and invest large amounts in new resources. With the use of a good cross-media tool this mission is achieved; in addition, it allows the quality of news products to be maintained, something that must continue to be a priority because it sets one company apart from another, something that is particularly important at a time when what is an offer is as wide as it is uneven in terms of quality.

    The establishment of synergies between a company's different media will allow journalists to create information for any channel. The main consequence of this, apart from questions of efficiency, is consistency, since the information is not created by different people and therefore it is not lost or distorted according to the channel via which it is to be published.