Case studies

The advantages of partnership and of using a CMS Web that is a standard product rather than tailor-made

“The project has been implemented in three and a half months. I consider that to be a very short period of time given the scale of the task,“, says Miguel Ángel Palomares

The La Razón newspaper, owned by the Planeta Group, one of the principal media and publishing groups in Spain, has defined its digital strategic plan on the basis of achieving a well-dimensioned structure, which allows it to be competitive and profitable in the difficult market of Spanish newspapers with a national scope. Outsourcing, particularly as regards technological solutions and infrastructures, care in selection of its professionals and providing content with differentiate value to its readers are the three fundamental pillars on which it has decided to base its approach.

And it seems that they are succeeding. As their IT Manager Miguel Ángel Palomares explains, despite being a recently created brand with a modest readership in Spain, “we have found our market niche and are growing bit by bit... Our structure – less cumbersome than that of our competitors – has allowed us to handle the crisis in the sector better.”

La Razón (Madrid) was founded in 1998. After various changes of ownership, it was acquired by the Planeta Group, a major book publisher and operator of various radio and TV channels.

It is the fourth biggest national newspaper in terms of circulation, with its headquarters in Madrid and offices in four cities: Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and Valladolid. It has a newspaper with between 200 and 220 newspapers.

Due to its budget strategy, the newspaper decided to carry out an in-depth technological renovation in stages, starting with the digital area and the replacement of its CMS Web.

The change had to be guided by the practical principles on which its business philosophy is based: facilitate the work of its professional so that they made the most of their time; in other words, focus on the “core business” –content quality– without having to be tied to technological infrastructures which mean high maintenance and subsequent exploitation costs.

Rely on a CMS that was more a robust and reliable “product” than an “ad hoc” or tailor-made solution that would make it necessary to have an over-sized IT department.

Given that for budget reasons the existing editorial solution would be kept for print, automate the transfer of contents from the printed newspaper to the new CMS Web so that they could also be available to the digital newsroom, together with the rest of the news sources.

La Razón decided to look for a trustworthy technological partner, one which would guarantee security and the ability to evolve hand in hand with the market.

Take advantage of the synergy with the Group as regards everything concerning audiovisual contents.

Within a Freemium approach, block free access to opinion content (editorials and columnists), providing a synopsis that would be used as a hook for Kiosk+ and other pay platforms as well as Orbyt, where the newspaper is housed in ePaper format.

La Razón called a tender in search of a technological partner. Protecmedia was the partner chosen. At the same time, a third company was entrusted with the new design of the portal.

A multidisciplinary group was set up, which precisely planned the implementation phases, monitoring of milestones and training required to achieve the defined goals.

The future ground rules for the partnership were laid down: channelling of new functional suggestions, possible changes in the technological infrastructure, procedure for updating software, etc.


Effective and practical Outsourcing which allows La Razón Technological Development to manage the global needs of the company and possible technical incidents with a team of just eight people: 4 employees and 4 self-employed collaborators.

As partner, Protecmedia provides the Hosting services and preventive monitoring of the whole technological configuration: hardware, middleware, general performance etc.-. In addition, La Razón has contracted a CDN (Content Delivery Network) service with a globally active supplier to ensure that the web’s visitors enjoy a rapid service in terms of content and pages.

There is continuous coordination and communication between both companies’ teams, which facilitates the speedy realisation of new ideas and needs.

A newsroom of just 9 people manages to prepare and supply to a website with a huge volume of contents.


Maximum effectiveness in the management and publication of online content. A newsroom of just 9 people manages to prepare and supply high quality content to a website.

Integration and automatic publication with the specific LA RAZÓN app for mobile devices.

Significant improvement in SEO positioning thanks to the cataloguing and automatic creation of tags and labels.