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Our applause,
a tribute to journalism

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Since the coronavirus crisis arrived, the media have experienced very intense days to keep their informative task, and they are undoubtedly a great example of adaptive capacities in record time.

These are moments of learning along the way and, above all, of helping each other. This is why we are doing our best to guarantee technical support to all our clients, so that they always have the necessary tools to continue carrying out their work with no limits.

El Economista (España), anticipation in crisis times

Since the crisis began, the team at El Economista has been able to keep all its publishing activity intact.

In just 24 hours, the team at El Economista was able to get 95% of the staff working on remote and efficiently.

The newsroom is connected via VPN to their Milenium system, from where they create the print and digital editions.

Moreover, once both the Protecmedia and El Economista teams were working remotely, they launched a new website thanks to the Media Cloud model, a digital newsstand where their 20 specialised magazines are available in a fully adapted format to smartphones.

Diario Jaén (España), loyal to truthfulness and accuracy

Diario Jaén has remained faithful to its commitment to providing information since the state of alarm was declared. Every day they strive to close the edition with the satisfaction of having done their job. They have been living very intense days, where they are fighting their own battle against the fake news and misinformation surrounding the coronavirus.

"The informative hustle and bustle is important in an unprecedented health crisis where the best journalist is not the one who arrives first, but the one who reports with rigor and truthfulness." (Manuela Millán, newsroom Diario Jaén)

They themselves have shown clearly how most of the staff work on remote and how the few who still go to the office do so under very strict measures. Their activity, both in print and digital, has continued intact thanks to the good disposition of the entire team. Moreover, they always have been able to rely on the Milenium flexibility to create the printed editions, and on ITER Web to update their website on remote too.

El Mundo (España), committed to the informative duty

At the beginning of the crisis, El Mundo began to apply its own contingency plan, which was drawn up months ago and whose purpose is to ensure that all publishers continue with their publishing activity during exceptional moments, such as the present one.

Almost 100% of the more than 200 workers in El Mundo newsroom work on remote. Some colleagues still go to the office, where medical protocols and strict health measures are followed.

The whole team has good tools available, so they can continue working as if they were at their desks in the office. When everything is relevant, the last hour is pressing and there is a high demand for information, efficient coordination is the great challenge.

Their print version is created from the Milenium software, which allows them to complete all phases of the publishing process remotely. Moreover, its automatisms provide each member of the team with the necessary information about each publication current status, so that the work comes through without having to be in permanent contact.

La Voz del Interior (Argentina): effective coordination and flawless distribution

La Voz del Interior set in a contingency plan that was operational in just 48 hours. Both the staff of its external call center and the newspaper's colleagues in charge of administrative, subscription and circulation tasks were able to perform 100% of the operations remotely in just two days, and without experiencing any incidents.

Ensuring distribution was a challenge that La Voz del Interior overcame thanks to the support of Shipo, the software with which they effectively reassigned the distributors, and made the teams able to coordinate easily even when they were physically separated.

The logistics and internal distribution staff, whose tasks are mainly face-to-face, continue to come to their jobs. In order to comply with the established health protocols, several watertight cells were created without contact between them. At this point, Shipo is a tool that has become very important, since it provides them with all the necessary information to make coordination agile and simple.

With this software, they carry out the management, circulation, subscription and logistics tasks remotely, and they have also been able to easily reassign the distribution of subscriptions between the points of sale that remain open thanks to a functionality that enables changing the distributors temporarily.

Diario Libre (República Dominicana), digital and print beside a loyal audience

The great work of Diario Libre through web, e-paper and RSS has achieved that its usual readers in print, daily distributed for free in several places on the streets, stay loyal from digital channels.

Diario Libre is the example of a newspaper committed to responsible and up-to-date information. The work of its team stands out for a professional analysis of the information, which sees the light in the form of truthful news through Milenium and ITER Web, tools that make it possible for them to work remotely. Its results in March position Diario Libre as a reference in the digital media, something that the newspaper is grateful for, both to its readers and to its journalists, editors and collaborators who, as a team, report on the reality of the pandemic to an audience that has remained faithful by now consulting the digital channels from their homes.

Diário de Notícias Madeira (Portugal), informative commitment to the detail

With more than 75% of the editorial staff working remotely, Diário de Notícias Madeira continues publishing its newspaper normally. Moreover, they have created a daily ePaper publishing dedicated exclusively to the coronavirus.

In addition, it continues publishing its newspaper as usual, which it distributes in print to points of sale and which, for the duration of the current situation, it also offers on ePaper free of charge.

The team has the tools Milenium Editor and ITER Web to be able to work from home in the edition and publishing of both digital and print contents.

Straus News (USA), guaranteed news from the cloud

Every one of the 15 publishings that Straus News has in the state of New York, the state of New Jersey and the state of Pennsylvania has continued its activity as usual. Thanks to the Cloud system, editors are working from home with the information provided by correspondents.

Thanks to the Milenium Cloud model we introduced last year, all Straus News correspondents and editors were already familiar with working remotely before the crisis. The team is also updating its website and digital editions from home with ITER Web. This has helped them to continue working as usual, and to keep all of their publications, both digital and print, up to date without exception.

We are sure that soon the day will come when you will go out there to bring back good news. In the meantime, Protecmedia is using all the technological means possible from home to ensure that your work sees the light of day.

We have more than 500 clients in 26 different countries, and we know that this is just a small sample of all your work. We would love to hear from all of you, so we invite you to tell us how you are coping with the situation to keep your publishing activity going.

Thank you for once again rising to the occasion.

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