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These are the reasons why you should regularly upgrade your software to the latest version

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By keeping your business software up-to-date, you are guaranteed access to the latest enhancements in terms of security, usability, and functionality.

When the time for a software update arrives, there is always certain degree of hesitation. You may wonder if it will take long or change the way you were used to do things in the past, therefore affecting your productivity. Well, you are not alone with your doubts.

In the 2021 survey on technology updates by cibersecurity company Kaspersky, it is confirmed that more than 50% of users delay operating system updates so as not to interrupt their work.

What are the benefits of keeping my software up to date?

However, technology, by its very nature, is constantly evolving and the services it offers are constantly being improved. The latest versions of each of these solutions integrate the lessons learned from previous versions in terms of security, usability, and functionalities.

So if you're wondering when is the best time to update your software, the answer is NOW. Keeping your technology updated to the latest version guarantees you access to all the advantages of your software.

Enhanced security:

One of the main missions of updates is to improve security aspects and ensure protection against attacks or vulnerabilities. In addition, older versions of applications are the easiest entry point for cybercriminals. The cybersecurity company McAfee recommends not to postpone software updates, as they are essential for protecting user information.

Friendlier interface and improved user experience:

Design techniques for improving user experience have advanced enormously in recent years, resulting in user-friendly product interfaces, and simplified and much more efficient work processes.

Greater performance:

At a time when applications are becoming more and more powerful in terms of functionalities, they are also becoming lighter for the hardware. Response times are shortened while power is increasing and the consumption of resources is decreasing, so that productivity rises.

In general, it is important to keep in mind that, if your updates are fairly regular, switching from one version to another will be quick and easy.

Advantages of upgrading your Protecmedia solutions

Updating and continuously improving our solutions is one of our team's main responsibilities towards our customers. Following are some of the most important new features of our solutions in their latest version:

- The updates of our CMS IterWCM constantly follow Google's web audit recommendations (Core Web Vitals). On top of that, they incorporate functionalities oriented towards generating user loyalty, such as recommended content portlets.

- The advertising management system Ad-on-Line now integrates with Google AdManager to optimise the administration of digital campaigns. Furthermore, it is possible to add the AdShop advertising self-contracting module.

- Our Editorial system Milenium can now be enhance with the new AidaDXP, a print automation module that takes your web content to print in seconds.

Sometimes enhancements come from requests received from the end users of the tools, so it is very likely that the change will be beneficial to other end users. We are always happy to take requests from our customers on board, should you identify a need, we encourage you to let your sales manager know.

If you need to update your software, please contact our team. We will advise you on the most appropriate procedure for your particular case.

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