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Boost your business and increase your digital earnings

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As a technological partner, Protecmedia promotes your digital strategy with a plan of specific advantages in several of our solutions.

Given the crisis that COVID-19 has generated at a global level, we want to contribute to the media's access to new opportunities and achieve their objectives. The current difficult challenges in the industry require that each media takes a new direction to meet the demands.

Audiences are now more digital than ever, so we have activated a specific advantages plan over the coming months to boost your digital benefits.

MAS: accurate analysis and effective segmentation tool for the media.

Enjoy it for the first two months with no monthly fee, with installation, start-up and training at no cost and no commitment to stay. In addition, we guarantee the price during the contract period.

- Increase your web traffic by 30%.

- Get to know the really useful data from your readers

- RFV Score: Segment your audience

- Performance of each item

I'm interested in this opportunity of MAS!

ITERWeb: The CMS designed 100% for the media.

ITERWeb is an intuitive CMS that, thanks to its digital-first approach and its automatisms, makes the editor’s editing and publication tasks easier. If you want to start monetizing your digital content now, ITERWeb is your tool.

- Monetize your digital contents

- Improve your positioning and increase the engagement and loyalty of your audience

- Simplifies editing and publishing tasks

During the installation and start-up process we will work remotely, but together with you, supporting you throughout the entire process.

I'm interested in this opportunity of ITERWeb!

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