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Three reasons why newsrooms love Iter WCM

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Simplified SEO, time-saving, and easy tailored data are the main qualities that have led Iter WCM to become the CMS of choice for newsrooms.

Ever Since Artificial Intelligence was included in our CMS, Iter WCM has become one of the most eye-catching technological tools for the media. Specially, in terms of SEO scoring as those digital media webs using ITER have reached outstanding Google performance and SEO results worldwide.

Hereafter, we have summed up the main attributes that have led Iter WCM to the the trusted choice at the heart of every newsroom:

Three reasons why newsrooms love Iter WCM

CMS Iter WCM simplifies SEO tasks

Our development team has designed ITER, so that our clients systematically rank high on SEO performance when audited by Google Lighthouse (most reaching the 100% score ), which ensures quality and sustainable traffic to for their news webs.

When the journalist writes a new article, Iter WCM offers automatic metatags suggestions. Our CMS can “read” the text and identify keywords and subjects. Using this information, it suggests metadata that positions your content automatically.

The semantic intelligence engine (machine learning) identifies the keywords and automatically tags them to enhance the article´s SEO positioning.

These keywords are selected from the text and matched with similar tags that are already registered in the system.

Moreover, Iter WCM creates an optimized URL automatically for every article according to the SEO positioning standards, so that journalists do not need to waste their time on URL construction.

Three reasons why newsrooms love Iter WCM

It is a time saver easy to use solution

ITER WCM's Machine Learning makes those long hours editing pictures to make them work on every platform disappear. With its framing mechanism, Facial recognition and automatic cropping of images are used to make every image fit for mobile, table, desktop, epaper, or app. Thus helping out with every aspect ratio that a news story may need (different formats and devices).

It extracts multiple crops from the same image, so that is not necessary to load several images with different aspect ratios. As A Result, we do not overload the web with images and we lighten the loading speed.

CMS Iter WCM also creates an automatic summary of the article so that it can be sent to social media or push notifications within seconds.

Three reasons why newsrooms love Iter WCM

Easy tailored data

Our metrics are accessible and easy to use for reporters, data analysts and product managers. All of them can access real-time information, which includes the main KPIs to control your editorial business both from a product and newsroom perspective.

It displays easy to interpret real-time information about your articles and readers, clearly stating the difference between visitors and readers and providing rankings by articles, sections, topics or authors.

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