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It’s time to look at the cloud

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Cloud services offer media companies are starting to turn to cloud services as an alternative means of sustaining the profitability of their businesses. Always in the vanguard of technological change, Protecmedia offers a new editorial solution in the cloud for the management of multiplatform contentthe editorial business.

It’s time to look at the cloud

Nowadays, in-cloud services are changing the way in which news companies use technology. Part of this evolution is due to the need for mass media to boost their business models, making use of the best tools, but at a lower price. This new paradigm has radically transformed the way news companies work, allowing them to reduce costs and optimise their workflows.

Protecmedia offers Media Cloud, a new service in the cloud for to obtain the profitability of the editorial business, allowing the management of editorial content and its publication on multiple channels, the management of multichannel advertising, the optimisation of dissemination and effective subscription management. Based on the technological efficiency of Oracle Cloud, this solution includes all the functionalities of Milenium Cross Media and a variety of services of the highest order, ranging from assistance during start up, with implementation and parameterisation adjusted to each client, to support, and maintenance and constant updating of the application, using a 24/7 model.

Cloud of advantages

In a business context in which the focus is on generating greater profitability, the implementation of a cloud model offers certain advantages, allowing corporate targets to be met. First, costs savings, since this is a solution that is simple to acquire and does not require significant investment in functionality and infrastructure. It involves offering news companies functionalities with more competitive value in order to continue managing the newsroom, while eliminating repetitive and manual processes that involve the administration of systems and hardware.

In addition to the advanced functionalities of Milenium Cross Media, there is the scalability and flexibility offered by Protecmedia’s new Media Cloud editorial solution. This means that the platform can adjust to the demand that the media company requires and the possibility of using the service on demand, i.e. you consume what you need and you pay for what you consume.

Security is also essential when implementing solutions in the cloud. The key is to guarantee a secure virtual environment, with privacy, guaranteed control of access and the absolute confidentiality of information. In practice, these functionalities offer faster operations, greater development possibilities and improved quality of the news product. It is also allows technological staff to concentrate on proposing their own innovations and improving procedures instead of administering servers and infrastructure.

This, then, is a service which will help strengthen your editorial strategy, one that offers advanced functionalities for the management of multichannel content, is extremely reliable and available and provides cutting-edge technology, managed by experts. A service in which newsrooms and journalists can concentrate on how to use the specific tool and forget about the rest. The cloud is here to stay.

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