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3 tips to survive September if you are a journalist

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Back to the city, back to the routine, back to the newsroom.

If this list makes you feel overwhelmed, don't miss the following tips from our team of journalists to make your return to the newsroom a little more pleasant.

We know that the atmosphere in a newsroom and the need to keep up to date with the latest news are a far cry from the relaxed holidays. This is why we have asked our journalists about their experiences being back to the newsroom, and some of their tips to make it more bearable. Here we share their answers so that you can get back to the keyboard and feel like a fish in water from day one:

1- Make sure you keep up with all the changes

In a newsroom, everything changes very quickly. You've only been away for a couple of weeks, but that's long enough to find that even the staff has changed. If the editorial system has not registered it and people returning from their holidays are also unaware, articles may continue being published with the signature of an editor who no longer works for the media.

The same applies to advertising, which sometimes even depends on the results of a sports match. This information is key if someone recently landed after their holiday is in charge of the campaigns.

“It’s easier to avoid mistakes if you have a tool that enables you to keep the information centralised. By changing it in one place, the system itself will apply it to all the relevant fields automatically”.

2- Share the good news among your colleagues

This year, the return to the newsroom will not be so stressed, as many of the editors will continue homeworking at least on certain days of the week.

To encourage motivation among your colleagues working remotely, we suggest you follow up the contents that work best and send them to their authors, congratulate them and generate ideas with the rest of the team to motivate its dissemination. You can publish them on various channels, send them via push notifications, include them in the recommended articles section, in the newspaper's newsletter or even enrich them with multimedia content (animated infographics, podcasts or videos). If you have a CMS like IterWCM, you get endless possibilities.

“If you work with IterWCM you can follow real-time results of every article at a glance, and boost those that work best. Being able to see this evolution in just a click away motivates the editorial team to keep improving”.

Consider with your team how to improve work processes

September is the month to enhance new habits, so it might be the best moment to rethink with your team how to improve workflows. Something that cannot be missing in the newsroom is an editorial system that allows all profiles to work on a publication at the same time: editing, layout and content review. Each user works according to their permissions without interfering with other simultaneous tasks.

“In September we usually rethink how to be more efficient, especially in processes that involve working closely as a team. If we manage to establish new habits to better coordinate ourselves, being back to the routine is more motivating”.

At Protecmedia we have a team of technicians and journalists who work together developing our tools. One of our main priorities is to dedicate a percentage of our time to rethinking improvements to the workflows in our clients' newsrooms. In this way, we ensure that our technology and services are perfectly adapted to the reality of the teams and are an improvement for the business.

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