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Push notifications: a trend that remains

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At the beginning of 2019, push notifications were among the trends in digital media for this year. The need to establish a more direct relationship with the audience has led the publishing companies to explore more in this form of communication. Since long before, Protecmedia offers a practical and effective solution that allows newsrooms to send alerts about relevant content immediately.

The media are taking advantage of the opportunity offered by these notices to keep their users informed directly and immediately, alerting them by sending messages to computers and mobile devices.

Sending notifications is a commitment to loyalty. This practice allows increasing contact with the audience, which receives, as an added value, alerts about relevant content without having to directly access an application or news portal.

The activation of notifications has allowed digital media to increase their web traffic, reaching a greater number of users and facilitating interaction with the contents of the medium, both in the mobile and desktop environment.

Taking into account that the media increasingly depend on external platforms, such as Facebook, Google or Twitter to distribute their news (causing fewer and fewer readers to access a medium directly to inform themselves), another advantage of notifications is the possibility for the media to regain control in the dissemination of their content, reaching more readers, without intermediaries or algorithms.

Offering quality content is the first step to engage the audience and convince them that it is a good idea to subscribe to informational notifications. In an era in which the media persecute the audience and not vice versa, it is necessary to be attractive and relevant to generate interest and loyalty.

One-click engagement

Protecmedia technology is focused on allowing the newsroom to think and focus on what quality content to generate, while our solutions facilitate how to create and disseminate them. In this context, the MAS audience management service allows the sending, immediately or scheduled, of push notifications, either directly from the platform or through the Milenium and IterWeb content managers.

Tools of this type allow to take more advantage of the sending of notifications, so that the writing can, in a practical and simple way, simultaneously distribute the contents through social networks and notifications, increasing the possibilities of reach and engagement.

It is also possible to customize the format of the messages by changing icons, logos and adding images. This customization also applies to the notification subscription window, on which icons, colors and text can be modified. The idea is to enhance the brand presence to get more visibility and interest in alerts.

Breaking news, exclusive news, advertising and live alerts are recommended content to share through notifications. And although most of the solutions allow unlimited sending of notices, it is advisable to limit their frequency according to an editorial strategy that prioritizes the most important issues. The idea is not to "overwhelm" users with excessive alerts that may lead them to leave the subscription.

In this sense, in addition to the direct connection with the user, the important thing is to be able to deepen the interests of the audience. This is achieved by analyzing the scope of the notification: who received it? How have they influenced web traffic? Who have subscribed? This information will allow refining the editorial strategy according to the needs of the audience and promoting notifications as a consolidated means of information in the user's routine. Definitely, push notifications are here to stay.

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