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3 reasons why artificial intelligence will improve your SEO positioning

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A long history of applying artificial intelligence to the needs of media companies has led us to configure a CMS with strong built-in SEO functionalities.

ITER WCM has tools that facilitate SEO positioning which is so important for each website.

How does our CMS improve the search engine positioning of media companies?

1. Optimized metadata tagging

When a media company changes its CMS website, the migration of its history is a very important process. There have been several large media companies that have already suffered the consequences of bad migration.

What usually happens is that the metadata of the items has not been optimized for the Google search engine, something that ITER WCM does automatically thanks to its Semantic intelligence engine, which identifies in each article the most appropriate tags for good positioning.

Protecmedia has opted for the development of a semantic intelligence engine that automatically labels the metadata to optimize the positioning of each and every one of the historical contents on its site.

2. Always up-to-date sitemap

ITER WCM generates and updates the sitemap of each website automatically. In addition, it informs the Google engine of each new article that is published on the website without the need for programmers or writers to intervene.

3. Increase in web traffic

By maintaining the positioning of each article and the website optimized, web traffic is maintained and the possibilities that readers turn to other media to obtain information online are reduced. In addition, it also favors that the value of advertising spaces remains stable and that advertising revenues are optimized.

3 reasons why artificial intelligence will improve your SEO positioning
“We were looking for a provider to improve our online visibility to ensure that Antenne Mainz was a clearly visible media and did not go unnoticed. Thanks to Protecmedia we managed to become one of the benchmarks for local news providers in Mainz.”

The role of the programmer in detailing the metadata that will help maximize metrics is another key to boosting web traffic. To do this, having analytical tools such as MAS that offers strategic data such as RFV audience segmentation can help writers to prioritize types of content for each audience segment.

In the digital medium, the priority must always be focused on the content. For this reason, Protecmedia has developed a CMS with functionalities specially designed for media companies. In this way, writers can focus their work on continuing to do good journalism and write quality articles, knowing that the technical part that helps to position their articles will always be correct.

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