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Why you need a DAM

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Many companies have not realice yet that they need a DAM, A Digital Asset Management solution to sort out the mess in their digital archives.

A DAM is a document management system that automates file classification and streamlines search processes. It is a collaborative tool that helps teams to correctly classify and quickly locate all their files.

Searching for information, one of the most common time-stealers

How many times have you tried to find a file in the folder system at work and not been able to locate it?

According to an article published on, employees spend more than 30% of their working day looking for key documents for their work. That's an average of 67 minutes a day.

Avoid taking up storage space with duplicated files and save on costs

How many times have you noticed that you have duplicated files on your computer, multiplying the amount of space you use?

A company's digital assets take up an average of 164 terabytes of storage. This storage space has maintenance costs that vary according to the amount of space occupied. This may not be your case right now but you should keep in mind that this is a number that is always growing.

In the face of these common situations, a simple conclusion is that poor organisation of documentation is costing your company money. If you're looking to optimise storage costs and improve productivity to continue working with a Google Drive-style folder system is not a good idea.

4 reasons why your company needs a Digital Asset Management solution

In addition to the considerable time saved in the classification and search processes, the improvement of coordination between teams, and the guarantee of protection and security, these are the 4 more reasons why you need a DAM:

1. A DAM not only stores files, but also all their associated information: usage rights, metadata, technical specifications, etc. The information fields that the system collects from each document are editable and customisable.

2. The advanced search systems of the DAMs make it possible to locate documents in seconds without the need to know the storage paths, folders or names of the documents.

3. Ensures that all users have access to the current version of each document, and avoids continuing to work with outdated versions in parallel. Each file keeps each version and its update history associated with it (everything is retrievable at any time).

4. A DAM is a guarantee of security, all digital assets are protected in its storage centre. In addition, access and permissions control allows you to maintain the privacy of the company's most sensitive documentation and a detailed record of each modification.

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