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2019 Annual Conference of Asean Newspapers Printers

On September 23th we will present our subscriptions and circulation solutions to the Southeast Asian market within the framework of Asean Newspapers Printers, one of the most important meetings of the printing industry in the region

The city of Bangkok will host for the second time the Annual Conference of the Asean Newspapers Printers on September 23th. The ANP was established in 2010 to promote and increase the level of knowledge and skills of newspaper industry professionals in Southeast Asia.

This year the theme will be "Futurise Printing" with the objective of reflecting on the positive opportunities of the industry despite the new trends and challenges of the journalistic business. A response to the digital revolution and how it has affected the profitability of printed media in the region.

The ANP defines “futurize” as taking actions in the present, but with and from a future perspective, it implies understanding what will surely happen, analyzing it with data and then consciously choosing and creating the most convenient future. The idea is to make efforts for a better and sustainable future of the journalistic industry.

Distribution solutions

The ANP conference will be the perfect opportunity to present to the Asian market the solutions offered by Protecmedia for distribution management. Hence, Pedro Madrid, International Executive director of Protecmedia, will participate with a presentation about SHIPO Distribution platform. The idea is to show how our technology can solve issues such as the management of delivery routes, integrate distributors, establish accurate forecasts by point of sale and analyze the monitoring on the mode of consumption and the preferences of the readers.

Audience management is considered as a crucial variable to ensure the viability of the journalistic company. Protecmedia solutions put technology at the service of the complete management of the Audience Cycle: dissemination, feedback, analysis and rich dissemination.

Protecmedia has established an important presence in Malaysia offering editorial and commercial solutions to the main media in the region. The ANP will gather a large part of these means to share ideas, exchange experiences to solve problems and obtain updates on technological advances and innovations in the production of newspapers.

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