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In October, Berlin will host the IFRA World Publishing and the Digital Content Expo 2019

From 8-9 October IFRA’s World Publishing Expo and the DCX Digital Content Expo will be held in Berlin, two of the most important events for the journalism industry. Under the heading “News and content generate business!”, this mega conference seeks to show the new trends and reveal solutions to ensure companies’ profitability.

Protecmedia will be in Berlin, presenting the best of its technology and the latest innovations in editorial and commercial content management for media companies.

Two exhibitions and one goal: to develop new business models through news and content. This will be the focus of the IFRA World Publishing and the DCX Digital Content Expo, which will take place in Berlin on 8 - 9 October. This is one of most significant meetings of the global editorial community, with an emphasis on the discussion of new trends and the presentation of the latest product innovations by technological suppliers like Protecmedia.

The IFRA World Publishing Expo will offer the possibility of exploring all aspects of newspaper production: from the technical creation of content to distribution. A context in which editors will have the opportunity to obtain first-hand information about the technological advances and innovations for the development of newsrooms.

Media experts will speak about the factors ensuring success in innovation and the need to develop metrics to know the audience better. Also, with respect to strategy and innovation, part of the discussion will focus on how the digital revolution obliges the media to review their structures and workflows, promoting a corporate culture in which staff are receptive to technological change.

As in previous years, the conferences will focus on key themes for the industry. This time, the technological trends up for debate will be the following: video intelligence, advertising revenue and how to obtain loyalty through mobile devices and apps, monetisation, subscriptions and the print rooms of the future.

Trends in in-cloud development, artificial intelligence, or Smart Data, are playing an increasingly important role in all facets of media production and distribution. This development will be reflected in the exhibition by established technological partners of the industry, such as Protecmedia, which will unveil its most recent editorial and commercial management solutions for media companies.

Coming soon – in-depth information about the innovations that we will unveil at IFRA’s World Publishing Expo and the DCX Digital Content Expo.

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