Media Bootcamp: Interactive workshop that focuses on the most successful ways of obtaining audiences’ and advertisers’ loyalty

The session, on Friday 23, organised by Protecmedia within SIPConnect 2017, will demonstrate various innovative initiatives that have been able to make the digital news business sustainable

Under the title “Increase brand value during the digital Tsunami. Loyalty, the key to the news business’s success”, the Media Bootcamp or Practical Workshop on the morning of 23 June to be held at the SIPConnect 2017 will examine, in an interactive format and with an attractive audiovisual approach, how some news companies are making their brands a vital benchmark in their readers’ lives and in advertisers’ budgets. The results are:

 Greater trust, credibility and authority with respect to their audiences.

Increased number of Subscribers and their value as an advertising support.

 Change in the mentality of their professionals and organisational charts in order to adjust to and make use of the new opportunities offered by the digital world.

Through in-person testimony and “short videos”, a wide range of news companies have drawn up the approach that they are taking in order to increase brand value and loyalty in the midst of the current digital maelstrom. And they show that obtaining loyalty is now not just a question of marketing or looking after the quality of contents; rather it is a collective mission in which all areas of the company must be involved.

Programme Summary

First Segment: Obtain loyalty based on the credibility of contents and a change in the corporate multimedia culture

Experiences of success based on two essential pillars aimed at strengthening digital journalism: gaining readers’ credibility in the midst of all of the online “noise”; and achieving the commitment of the professionals who make up the news organisation during this period of cultural change.

Clarín (Argentina), La Dépêche du Midi (France), and El Colombiano (Colombia) are achieving multimedia cultural change in their organisations. EPENSA Group (Peru) is increasing its revenue by concentrating on quality contents.

Second Segment: The road to membership and monetisation, through knowledge of audiences

A large part of future success depends on attaining membership. An analysis is made of monetisation models based on this premise that work. These require knowledge of our audiences and a more “democratic” use of this metric in our organisations.

César Bracho (Venezuela) and Pato Moreno (Chile), two independent experts who know the workings of a wide range of Latin American news companies, explain the methods that are proving successful in attaining audiences’ engagement and membership. For example, the ABC newspaper, a century old brand in Spain, is renewing its membership through the eCommerce project called Oferplan.

Third Segment: The brand as a means of attracting readers and advertisers

Be a reference in our community. Those who have seen the light and embraced innovation and diversification are achieving interesting results with readers... and advertisers. The value that our brand had and continues to have cannot be diluted by the digital tsunami.

El Economista (Spain) has found promising new waters in which to “fish” for readers and advertisers, thanks to a new line of editorial products based on specialist publications disseminated only on digital media. L’ Dépêche du Midi (France) has radically changed the way it deals with current or potential advertisers, creating a Communications Agency that, above all, looks to satisfy the client with respect to advertising on the group’s media. La Prensa de El Salvador and Granasa (Ecuador) engage in various social diversification activities that increase their prestige and the social recognition of the brand.

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