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Main highlights of INMA Newsroom Innovation Master Class Protecmedia´s sponsorship

How can newsrooms address the major issues affecting journalism today from an innovative perspective? As sponsors of the INMA Newsroom Innovation Master Class, we share our key learnings.

This Master Class has been focused on proposing solutions to the most relevant challenges of today's journalism : How to face polarisation from journalistic rigor and offer reliable content for readers, maintain the commitment to the quality of information and how to address the digital transformation of newsrooms.

Journalism now has multiple tools for quality reporting that make a difference. At no time have newsrooms had more options to develop a deeper relationship with their audience. And at no time have editors faced more complex challenges to lead their brands.

On this point, the INMA Newsroom Innovation Master Class has provided benchmarks for best practices in innovation and expertise. Which are the main ideas that stand out as the best practices for the media news?

Polarisation and trust

Building trust is one of the main objectives to breach the gap between quality journalism and propaganda. The best results have drawn some conclusions:

- It is important to protect the newsroom and defend the position of the journalist in their task of disseminating the truth.

- Technology offers a great opportunity when it comes to gathering information. Social media is a good place to monitor the news from multiple perspectives.

Quality and engagement

After the subscriptions consolidation year as the star business model of digital media, how to adapt the digital strategy?

- By creating content that stands out and attracts the reader's attention, adapted to digital formats and that provides a differential value to the media.

- Having the tools and technology that efficiently facilitate the dissemination of the different formats with their corresponding narrative: podcasts, animated infographics with real-time data, push notifications, newsletters, etc.

- Having valuable information about your audience allows the newsroom to work on the creation, editing and dissemination of each content at the right time and place it for the right audience.

Newsroom transformation

Once the media has started a new digital strategy, the newsroom must adapt to it. To do this, there are three fundamental pillars to invest in:

- Training in digital journalism will encourage the newsroom to adopt a mindset that is much more oriented to the digital ecosystem.

- Having the right tools to enable editors to enhance their skills in the creation of valuable digital content.

- Integrate all media players so that technology, editorial and content interact and evolve together.

We have just had the pleasure to sponsor the INMA Newsroom Innovation Master Class, which has meant a valuable knowledge of the newsroom possibilities and challenges nowadays.

At Protecmedia we accompany media news with the latest technology and the advice to encourage newsroom innovation in new models.

MAS is our analytical tool that offers an audience real-time data (RFV score, customer journey) and each page and article (article score) performance.

ITER WCM is the CMS specially developed for the media that promotes the digital subscription business through functionalities such as Live Events, A/B testing or Artificial Intelligence.

The best practices come from a solid relationship between publishers and partners. In this way, we feel our cutting-edge technology, experience, and expertise the perfect mix to take the digital newsrooms to the next level.

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