Paywalls and digital subscriptions, main topics of the SIP Connect 2019

The city of Miami will host for the fifth time in a row one of the most important digital media and services conferences in the hemisphere: SIP Connect 2019. This event, co-sponsored by Protecmedia, and organized by the Inter-American Press Association, will bring together journalists, editors and owners of media in Latin America, the United States, the Caribbean and Spain.

Monetization, engagement, new formats and business models are the main topics in the content agenda that will address the SIP Connect 2019. Faced with a digital media scene marked by the dominance of social networks, lack of confidence in the news and the fall In advertising investment, the media seek alternatives that allow them to grow and expand.

Achieving this evolution requires not only more and better journalism, but also betting on innovative business models that generate sustainable income and engagement. Hence, this year, SIP Connect will be focused on the analysis of trends related to paywalls and digital subscriptions.

In this context, Protecmedia will participate actively in one of the seminars of paywalls and digital subscriptions, sharing our experience as suppliers of solutions for monetization and also endorsing the success that, in this field, two of our main clients have had: Clarín of Argentina and Grupo Vocento of Spain.

In recent years, the pay-for-content model has gone from being a tendency to position itself as a solid source of income, so one of the analyzes in SIP Connect 2019 will be the predisposition of printed newspapers to leap to monetize their contained on the web. Also, the inclination to innovate, beyond advertising and subscriptions, exploring alternative businesses, transforming the media into authentic digital companies.

New formats, new business opportunities

SIP Connect 2019 will also be the opportunity to inquire about new content ideas and their monetization possibilities. For example, formats such as the podcast that allows stories to be told in a unique and different way. A trend that joins the growing boom of loyalty tools such as notifications, newsletters, etc.

In this sense, Protecmedia's technology not only allows the publishing company to freely define its business strategy, including traditional paywall models such as hard and soft; It also allows the creation of premium content and the promotion of new formats to encourage engagement. Essential solutions to retain the audience and convert them into potential subscribers.

As every year, Protecmedia will be following up the different presentations to offer the conclusions of the event and how new trends can contribute to the benefit of our customers.

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