Protecmedia at the
Digital Content Expo 2017
in Berlin from 10 -12 October

The integrated management of areas such as advertising, content preparation, its multichannel dissemination and transversal data analysis (Smart Data) has become vital in enabling the news company to lead and be a benchmark in its community

Success starts at home. Protecmedia’s solutions coordinate teamwork in all departments in order to improve effectiveness and productivity while reducing operating costs in a competitive multimedia environment

News companies that seek leadership in their sphere of influence are increasingly clear that to win the battle for audiences they must first make sure that their house is in order. The multichannel scenario requires a corporate strategy that aligns and motivates the work and interests of everyone working for and collaborating with them. And that strategy must be based on a technological infrastructure that allows this to happen. These are the premises on which the present and future success of today’s brands are based.

Conscious of this situation, in recent years Protecmedia has pioneered the development of solutions that, based on a modular and open conception, are capable of integrating all of the activities that constitute the backbone of the news business: advertising, in terms of both sales and production; planning, creation, preparation and dissemination of content on all platforms and channels; exploitation of editorial assets (e-commerce); management of business models; transversal data analysis...

360 identifies the potential to coordinate, under an Executive Plan, the actions of the whole company so as to achieve the goals that have been set.

Transversal Smart Data, the integration of Programmatic Advertising, communication campaigns with Subscribers, ergonomic multichannel editors ... these are some examples of the advances offered by Protecmedia

Guaranteed Programmatic Advertising is fully integrated into the AD-on-LINE CICLON suite, for both ad booking management and creativities. At present, this Advertising solution handles any type of multimedia advertising material, including audio insertions for radio channels.

Subscriptions are another of the main sources of revenue. For this reason, Protecmedia’s CRM has new and powerful functions for the management of Communication Campaigns with Subscribers, aimed at customer acquisition, loyalty, renewals and debt collection.

Editors also have a new interface that accelerates and facilitates the tasks related to multichannel edition and distribution, without losing editorial control facilities and, above all, a global view of historical development in each media.

Smart Data is enriched by the possibility of cross-referencing data from the solutions that make up the MILENIUM Cross Media platform. Different departments such as Advertising, Newsroom and Multichannel Distribution contribute to the global and efficient analysis of the company’s activity in real time. A new interface makes it possible to manage these transversal data and create reports about them to simplify the analysis of audiences in relation to any other organisational facets that are considered important.

At the next Digital Content Expo in Berlin (10 - 12 October), which takes over from Wan-Ifra’s traditional World Publishing Expo, Protecmedia will demonstrate the most recent and significant advances that make this transversal 360 vision and management even more feasible.