Protecmedia joins the debate on Digital Subscriptions at the SIP’s Midyear Meeting

Monetisation of content, verification of data, fake news and subscriptions formed part of the debate at the Midyear Meeting of the SIP in Cartagena, Colombia.

The city of Cartagena, Colombia was this year’s location for the SIP’s Midyear meeting. The event, which was sponsored by Protecmedia, was attended by personalities from the worlds of politics, journalism and technology in Latin America.

The sustainability of the mass media in the hemisphere was one of the main issues discussed at the SIP Meeting.

In view of the well-known crisis affecting the news business at present, this event was used to analyse strategies of transformation for the media and new business models.

As in previous years, Protecmedia was present at the SIP Meeting to see first hand the subjects that concern the media companies in the region, and also to offer its advice on matters as important as profitability and monetisation. Thus, Fernando Gómez, Protecmedia’s CEO, was invited to moderate the panel discussion entitled “Strategies on subscription in the Colombian press”, in which El Tiempo newspaper from Bogota participated, sharing its experience on the “ideas phase”, which is still ongoing, regarding the implementation of a pay-for-content model. El País from Cali also participated, one of the most important newspapers from that area, which has set up a paywall and introduced digital subscriptions for premium content.

This panel analysed subjects such as the importance of obtaining detailed knowledge about audiences, changes in newsroom workflows, innovation as a means of building audience loyalty and trends regarding the transformation of the newsroom.

SIP’s Midyear Meeting was also used to discuss additional matters such as the political and social situation that is currently affecting Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela and the existence of draft legislation aimed at regulating journalism in other countries. This year, in the context of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Chapultepec Declaration on press freedom, the President of Colombia, Iván Duque, attended the SIP meeting in order to stress his commitment to an independent press and the integrity of journalism.