SIPConnect 2018 brings together leading representatives of digital media companies from America and Spain

The American conference for news media and digital technological companies, SIPConnect, will take place from 25 - 27 July in Miami (Florida, USA). In this fourth edition, the congress will focus on methods of monetisation in the digital industry

SIPConnect, the conference for news media and digital technology companies which since 2015 has been organised by the Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa (SIP), focuses in this edition on the business area, particularly as regards strategies for change, innovation and generation of revenue. It will put highlight new digital platforms, analysing how to monetise them and how to use them to foster new audiences.

Three days to find out about monetisation methods in the digital industry

SIPConnect is designed as a forum for examining the best way of integrating the editorial and administrative sides of digital media. The processes used to make possible the generation of benefits is one of the main protagonists in its own right. This can be seen through the different practical workshops.

Obtaining greater benefits is, at present, one of the main challenges faced by the media. This is why it is important to be up-to-date with the tools for modern newsrooms, as well as the most successful processes and methods in the monetisation of contents.

During the congress, matters such as the relationship between social networks and traditional journalism or digital changes in the media industry will be looked at, evaluating the importance of analytics and subscriptions. Platforms such as Google News’ Subscribe will be presented, used to facilitate the sale of subscriptions, as well as mobile apps for the monetization of contents and services. In addition, the importance that reputation has nowadays will be examined.

Examples of the new hybrid models of certain Canadian and US publishers, which have joined forces with all things “digital” to improve engagement, will also be considered.

One eye on trends: mobiles and videos

The mobile format is one of the aspects which will be most emphasised during the congress. Those attending will be encouraged to embrace mobile-first rather than mobile-friendly approaches, and to consider the possibilities offered by a multimedia mobile-centric newsroom. A clear example of this can be found with Extra, a Brazilian newspaper whose mobile audience accounts for 80% of the total.

Video will be an equally important protagonist, with success stories and workshops on how to produce Web TV, together with an analysis of the relationship existing with YouTube -the video platform par excellence– and the opportunities for monetisation that this media offers.

Protecmedia will be present at SIPConnect 2018

The congress will have prestigious representatives from the digital media industry in America and Spain who will analyse the current major challenges facing the media.

Protecmedia will be represented by José María León, General Manager for Latin America and Juan-Eloy Martínez, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, who will moderate the presentation entitled Mobile First: Journalism as the reader’s accomplice (Wednesday 25 July, 9:30 am), during which the narrative style of social networks and how this connects with more traditional journalism will be studied. Among those participating will be Carla Zanoni (editor of Audience and Analytics at The Wall Street Journal), Juan Muñoz (director of CNN at Español Digital in Atlanta, Georgia) and Luis De Uriarte (manager of Strategic Partners of Facebook for Northern Latin America, Mexico City).

A date for professionals working in the digital media sector

At SIPConnect the connecting points and key areas that favour the interaction between marketing and content will be looked for, revealing strategies and discovering tools that help monetisation. The event is open to executives, media publishers, journalism students, newspapers that are involved in the digitalisation process and so on.

The event will take place between 25 and 27 July at the Hilton Downtown Hotel, Miami, USA.