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INMA Media Subscriptions Summit: Key learnings from Protecmedia sponsorship

We have just had the pleasure to sponsor the INMA Media Subscription Summit 2021, which has meant a valuable knowledge of the digital subscriptions state after a COVID year.

Starting from the fact that Covid has been a catalyst for growth in subscriptions and publishers gained +50% subscribers in 2020, we can see that the pandemic situation has determined the news media strategies during the last months and, for sure, 2021 is going to be a challenge for every subscription business.

Which are the main ideas that stand out as the best practices for the media news?

1. Follow the right metrics

Once the quality content is there, follow your audience analytics to ground the subscription strategy.

Making data accessible to non-technical staff will help publishers to release insights simple to understand and create thoughtful initiatives.

Go ahead of Google Analytics. There are specific tools developed for the media news that make it easy to identify the key points of a publisher audience, make segments and know deeper their habits.

Get smart with audience analytics: don’t report data just for doing it, focus on the insights and metrics (RFV score, customer journey) that measure your advance towards your success objective.

2. Segment audience, test and experiment

« Media news taking risks based on data analysis find their own success. »

“Segment readers to tailor content, product and marketing”. This is one of the main takeaways that we all need to keep in mind when it comes to gain and retain subscribers.

Subscription success starts from well-advised experimentation and the persistence of those who test and repeat testing until finding their own subscription strategy.

3. Keep growing

Publishers with a settled paywall will need to identify new audiences to create new value propositions for each one.

Mix the inside-out mode, focused on converting our current audience, and the outside-in mode, aiming at new audiences.

“Test, learn and implement very quickly”: The leading growth opportunities for this year are based on data, segmentation, experimentation and testing.

In Protecmedia we accompany media news with the latest technology and the advice to encourage experimentation in new models:

Our MAS is the analytical tool that offers an accurate analysis of your digital audience. It provides real-time data on readers (RFV score, customer journey) and each page and article (article score) performance.

ITER WCM is the CMS thought and developed for the editorial media that promotes content monetization through functionalities such as Live Events, A/B testing or Artificial Intelligence mechanisms.

Finally, the last of the learnings that we highlight is that the best subscription results come from a solid relationship between publishers and partners. In this way, we feel our state-of-the-art technology, experience, and expertise the perfect mix to boost media subscriptions in 2021.

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