The WAN-IFRA Digital Media India 2019 Conference will focus on how to boost revenue in the digital world

Protecmedia is a sponsor of the WAN-IFRA Digital Media India Conference which will analyse the issues of monetisation, native advertising, the transformation of the newsroom and audience management

On 19-20 February 2019, the World Editors Forum India Chapter will hold the WAN-IFRA Digital Media India (DMI) Conference. This event is back for its eighth edition stronger than ever, joining forces with the Newsroom Summit India. And Protecmedia, an international software engineering and services company whose work focuses 100% on the development of applications and the provision of services for news companies, will be present as a sponsor.

Mumbai’s Hyatt Regency Hotel will hold the digital conference for publishers. The event will review the current situation in the sector, the digital trends and the technology that is helping media companies to maximise and optimise their opportunities.

It will act as a meeting point for publishers and newsroom managers from India and the rest of the world. Those attending will be able to attend up-to-the-minute debates about the transformations of newsrooms, gender parity in these, journalism in the digital world or the challenge of attracting audiences.

In addition, innovations as well as the possibilities offered by Artificial Intelligence to monitor trends on social networks or Augmented Reality in relation to native advertising will be looked at.

Boosting digital revenue

The use of tools and technologies by publishers is helping them to get the most out of audience data.

The World Press Trends 2018 report revealed that revenue from the digital circulation of newspapers grew 18% compared to the previous period.

In addition to the positive effect on the solid and trust-based relationships with readers, it is worth highlighting that revenue from audiences exceeded those generated by advertising. It is no coincidence, therefore, that the theme of this edition of DMI is “Driving revenue in Digital”.

For these reasons, the strategies for increasing revenues from readers will be the focal point of various debates, with an emphasis on the role of technology. Publishers will be able to discover the most promising proposals as regards new digital monetisation models.

In addition, falls in advertising revenue will be another important issue, as will losing control of the audience when it consumes content on other platforms.

Programmatic advertising will also be in the spotlight, especially bearing in mind its influence on modern media - more than 40% of publishers’ digital revenue will be earned in this way. This percentage is growing year by year, leading in turn to new challenges in the search to maximise revenues.

Native advertising consolidates its position with publishers

Another theme that will be centre stage at Digital Media India Conference is native advertising and the expectations it has generated in view of its growth.

In 2017 native advertising generated 20% of advertising revenue, according to the study entitled “Native Advertising Trends in News Media”, prepared by WAN-IFRA and the Native Advertising Institute. This upward trend means that publishers predict that by 2021 it will account for 36% of revenue.

Here, links to technological innovations are decisive. For this reason, during the event, for example, the possibilities offered by the Semantic Intelligence and Augmented Reality will be discussed.

To conclude, on 21 February there will be some supplementary workshops on innovation in the digital advertising strategy and how to build a newsroom culture in which the method of managing change towards the digital world will be analysed, offering an opportunity to examine case studies of successful new companies from around the world.