The WAN-IFRA Middle East Conference 2019 focuses on the transformation of business models

WAN-IFRA organizes the 14th Middle East Conference, which will be held in Dubai on 6-7 March 2019. Protecmedia sponsors this key event that will address specific digital monetization strategies such as payment models, digital subscriptions, new sources of income and other ways to increase profitability.

The media are reinventing their business models, trying to boost their digital revenues by betting on quality journalism. The next Middle East Conference of WAN-IFRA, one of the most important forums in the industry in this region, will take place in Dubai on March 6th and 7th.

The event, sponsored by Protecmedia, seeks to present specific strategies around payment models for content, digital subscriptions, revenue increase through a more attractive user experience and with the improvement in native advertising offers. About this, editors and directors of newsrooms around the world will share, how through their experiences, they have managed to become a reference, flexible and profitable media.

Increase digital revenues is the priority in 2019

The future of the media involves promoting business models that put value on quality content, while taking advantage of advertising revenues. According to the report of Trends for 2019 in Journalism, Media and Technology of the Reuters Institute, the strategy of implementing payment for content will be enhanced this year; taking into account that for 52% of the publishing companies, the subscription will be the main source of income during 2019.

This report also reveals that, in the United States, 16% of the population pays to read news, half of the percentage of the Nordic countries in Europe, whose subscribers reach 30%. On the other hand, in Latin America, media from countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina have already begun to implement the payment models of their digital versions. That is why the Middle East Conference addresses this year's digital monetization and the way in which the media are increasingly dominating the art of getting their loyal users to pay for the content.

The age of the audience

Technology is a key ally in the task of monetizing, allowing the implementation of dynamic paywall models, capable of integrating the attributes of the traditional metered and freemium. The near future points to a type of payment wall capable of predicting behavior of the readers, therefore our technology is offering solutions that allow identifying potential subscribers, segmenting them by their habits and interests, in order to offer personalized content.

Precisely, one of the sessions of the Middle East Conference will deal with the identification of audience segments and acquisition and retention processes to obtain medium and long-term results. These conclusions are: inducing publishers to rethink the content that they produce and take into account the audience that they are really aiming for.

Quality information remains the basis of any strategy focused on transforming payment models. Readers want to pay for quality journalism, consequently editors, helped by technology, are establishing content labs to identify the demands of the audience and offer a product that is worth paying for.

The WAN-IFRA Middle East Conference will be the perfect opportunity to learn, and understand, how the world's major media are evolving to build community around their brand and generate revenue for quality journalism.