AD-on-LINE extends its CRM and B2B capacities to give advertisers added value and facilitate their loyalty

Protecmedia’s advertising solution strengthens mobility and the analysis of actions with the client. This makes possible pro-active commercial management that ensures the loyalty of advertisers due to the excellence of the service.

In the same way that in the editorial area news companies are making an extra effort to create and strengthen “emotional ties” with their audiences, with respect to sales it is necessary to deepen relationships with advertising agencies to facilitate their work and, through a good service, promote “ties of satisfaction” with the brand.

There are three essential lines that have guided Protecmedia’s development in adding new functionalities to its global advertising solution, AD-on-LINE CICLON: mobility; B2B capacity to integrate sales representatives and clients into the workflow; and the analytical potential of the CRM making it possible to know the timeline of the relationship with the client as regards discovering new opportunities for interaction.

“When dealing directly with the client,” says Alejandro Lorenzo, Director of Protecmedia’s Sales Department, “the sales representative needs to have online all of the existing information and the capacity to manage orders, agreements and any other actions. Proximity to the client is not just a technological concept; it also means being physically close, transmitting to the client a feeling that the sales representative will act in his interests, although both are aware of the fact that this is within the constraints of a commercial relationship.”

A vertical CRM like AD-on-LINE, focused on the news business, is fundamental in order to take the initiative as regards client management.

With AD-on-LINE, clients themselves can be integrated into the advertising management and production workflow. Through a web portal, clients can book their orders and campaigns, include ad materials as they wish, and monitor the status of their accounts from all perspectives. As Alejandro Lorenzo explains, “Involving the final client in this way has many advantages not only for the publisher but also for clients themselves who have total control over their ad orders and real-time knowledge of opportunities and special offers.”

At the heart of these and other functionalities is AD-on-LINE’s CRM, which manages and serves all of the data related to clients and sales activity. “Making progress in obtaining advertisers’ loyalty,” says Alejandro Lorenzo, “means being a step ahead of the client and that the news company can create a plan of action for each important client or sector that is considered to be strategic. To this end, having a vertical CRM like AD-on-LINE, oriented specifically towards the journalism business, is of fundamental importance for the publisher.”

AD-on-LINE resolves the sales and financial needs of the news company but using an open architecture. It also integrates with other more horizontal CRMs, like Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce, or with financial ERPs that already exist in the news company.