Avvenire chooses Shipo to boost its digitalisation process and its modernisation strategy

The Italian newspaper Avvenire has opted to implement Shipo, Protecmedia’s audience management software. This solution will help to optimise sales, both as regards circulation and subscribers.

The modern media industry is going through a total reconversion, which is necessary to adapt to current times. Media companies must reinvent themselves and look for ways of adjusting to the new information and communication technologies.

This is the case of Avvenire, a general information newspaper of a Catholic persuasion, whose headquarters are in the Italian city of Milan.

To coincide with its 50th anniversary it has embarked on a modernisation process, looking towards the future and implementing the future way of working in its current strategy.

Avvenire, the fourth best-selling newspaper in Italy

Although the newspaper is mainly distributed in Milan and Rome, it has subscribers throughout the country. This has made it the general information newspaper with the fourth largest sales in Italy (in 2017 it had an average circulation of 140,000 copies, of which 80,000 were subscribers), vying for second place in Milan.

Despite the good figures and the increased circulation figures of its print and digital versions (almost 2% more in April 2018, according to the data of Prima Online, while its competitors’ figures have fallen), like all publications Avvenire is going through a period of change due to current demands. This can be seen in factors that are specific to the company itself and external factors, as well as in it is online version. There, the networks comprise an amalgam of tools which are much more strategic and decisive.

Conscious of the fact that it is necessary to look forward and modernise its processes in order to consolidate and continue growing, Avvenire has opted to look for trustworthy technological partners to support its digitalisation process by offering tools that allow it to move forward.

Shipo is chosen to optimise sales and form part of a larger plan

Avvenire has chosen Shipo, Protecmedia’s software for managing audiences (circulation and subscriptions). It is expected that the project will be implemented in September. It is the Iberian company’s first project with Shipo in Italy and is being carried out in conjunction with its Italian partner Willbit,

Avvenire’s main goal with this initiative is to optimise sales even more, both with respect to circulation and subscriptions.

By choosing Shipo as the solution to underpin its technological renovation, the starting gun has been fired for a project of strategic importance within the development programme for the next 5 years, a project that is shared with the editor. This vision, which involves a work plan over a decade, has been treated as a great opportunity in which the whole company must be involved.

Thus, adopting Protecmedia’s software forms part of a larger programme which affects all parts of the newspaper. It means changing the workflows, the method of working and the way of thinking in order to look towards the future and anticipate events. The starting point is a very clear vision of the need to adjust to the current situation and look to the future.

This plan has been designed with the clear intention of adjusting to the challenges of the current media market, such as making news available on all types of devices (desktop, mobile...) or simplifying processes to achieve greater efficiency.

The Avvenire newspaper thus aims to implement methods that optimise profitability, improve efficiency and enrich the service offered to readers and users.

With this project, Protecmedia reiterates its commitment to the renewal of the editorial industry and the business models of the future.