Dirigentes Digital undergoes a renewal and gives its backing to SaaS in the Cloud

The economic publication strengthens its multiplatform nature with ITER Web CMS in its “software as a service” mode, a business system designed for the digital era

From the moment that it became available in newsstands in 1986, the magazine Dirigentes has been a standard bearer with respect to economic and business information, always with a view to being in the vanguard of change in new technologies. The renewal of its web version, Dirigentes Digital, as well as of its extension Funds&Markets, has been characterised by that spirit of being ahead of the times. Thus, the publishing group has not hesitated to immerse itself in two trends in the sector that are proving decisive: digital transformation and the adoption of the SaaS in the Cloud.

The decisive step towards digital transformation

The new online website of Dirigentes Digital is the most visible part of the digital transformation that the publication is undergoing, adjusting to the current demands of the media industry. The software used - Protecmedia’s ITER Web CMS - makes it possible to speed up the flows of an online newsroom and facilitates processes that previously required more time and dedication with the old model. As a result, journalists have more time to prepare quality content that interests audiences.

An important aspect of the digital transformation process is the possibility of monetising such content, whether through subscriptions or paywalls. This second tool is the one that is likely to be chosen by the Spanish digital press in the short term. With its new Web CMS, Dirigentes Digital can put up paywalls, both soft and hard, and manage the website’s registered users.

In the cloud

Taking advantage of its renewal, Dirigentes Digital decided to join a growing trend: those using the SaaS in the Cloud business model. This is a method of distributing software through a license with a subscription: the software is housed in the cloud, in this case Oracle’s hosting service, and users have access to this software online. The SaaS in the Cloud means easy distribution and has low installation and maintenance costs, it being the supplier – in this case Protecmedia – rather than the user that takes responsibility for managing, maintaining and updating the software.

In one month the Oracle cloud system was set up, templates were programmed, training was carried out by Protecmedia and the new Dirigentes Digital was up and running

The cloud infrastructure has an elastic and scalable nature, which adjusts quickly and easily to moments of high demand intensity. Since it is a light structure, it works quickly and provides the user with a better experience.

The SaaS in the Cloud model is opening up new possibilities in the industry, because it gives access to practically unlimited resources yet you pay only what you use in a monthly quota, making it highly profitable. It allows news companies to try new ideas without the need for major investment. It also offers greater flexibility, making it easier to evolve and be closer to the audience’s needs.