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We update Ad-on-Line to increase your editorial advertising profitability

The new version of Ad-on-Line makes your editorial advertising more effective thanks to its new functionalities and its new, simpler and more intuitive web interface.

Manage the editorial advertising of your medium more easily, more quickly and with greater flexibility, and achieve more effective results.

Ad-on-Line launches a new web interface, which is now available to all users of the tool and whose new functions and improvements favour more efficient management of editorial advertising.

The new Ad-on-Line web interface has been developed with the different user profiles that use the tool in mind: salespeople, sales managers, marketing team, call center, etc.

Accessible 24/7 from any place and device

The flexibility and immediacy in the business that favours commercial mobility is the main advantage that this new web version brings. Now, it is possible to access the main functionalities of the system from a computer browser, Tablet and even (thanks to PWA technology) to install the mobile APP in any device, be it Android or iOS.

Friendlier and more intuitive interface

The design of the new interface makes navigation easier for the user. In addition, the existing functionalities include improvements that favour a faster interpretation of the most relevant information: a customizable preview that summarises the main data of an order, simplification of elements (menus and lists in chip format), display of visual reports through dynamic graphics and incorporation of colour codes that facilitate at a glance a greater control of the customer's risk, thanks to which the risk of non-payment is reduced.

'One Panel' customizable

The user can customize their user panel and thus have summaries and graphics with the most relevant information available instantly. Easily accessible icons have been included that lead to the main menu, notifications and active actions at a glance.

By having direct access to the main tools and information needed, we improve decision-making and increase productivity, achieving greater efficiency in advertising management.

More complete integration with Google AdManager

Among the new functionalities included in this latest version, we can highlight a greater capacity for segmentation, the possibility of tracking campaigns in real-time, centralised access for the user and the integration of different media.

- Thanks to a greater capacity for segmentation, the publishing company can offer its advertisers much more effective advertising, which translates into new clients and the loyalty of existing ones.

- Real-time monitoring of advertising campaigns: the user can access the status of active campaigns at any time and generate "on-demand" reports. The media can transmit to the advertiser immediate and detailed information on the evolution of their campaigns to facilitate decision-making.

- The user has the possibility of registering campaigns in Google Ad Manager directly from Ad-on-Line, which simplifies the learning curve and maintenance and makes contracting and managing campaigns much easier.

- All the information relating to the contracting of advertising in all the media (print, web, classifieds, radio, etc.) is centralised in Ad-on-Line, which facilitates the establishment of synergies between the different advertising media and the possibility of proposing personalized offers according to the evolution and effectiveness of the campaigns.

Greater agility in task management

New details appear in this new web interface that speeds up task management: a more intuitive search engine that allows queries to be saved for future sessions, facilitates data auto-completion when an order is given and incorporates multi-tasking management, which allows several parallel searches and different windows to be active simultaneously.

These new features translate into considerable time savings when it comes to registering orders or accessing advertisers' information.

Greater potential of the CRM

A new agenda has been developed, whose functionalities facilitate the professional a greater organization and a much more efficient daily planning. In the next update of Ad-on-Line, the agenda is expected to send notifications of planned activities and incorporate a button on the home page that centralizes the different elements of the CRM.

With the new version of Ad-on-Line we continue to improve the technological means of our clients in order to contribute to their main improvement objectives: to win new clients, to increase the loyalty of existing ones and to increase turnover.

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