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El Universal de Venezuela: a digital key project

Our first 100% remote project is now a reality. It is an important example of digital transformation, framed by the global situation that has caused the pandemic.

During the last few weeks, we have been working together with El Universal de Venezuela on a project that has been initiated, developed and completed 100% remotely. This is a process of great relevance, as it is an important example of digital transformation framed by the global situation that has caused the pandemic.

We are witnessing a time when the whole world has adapted to a new reality, a new way of working and doing things. This situation came with conditions and restrictions, which beyond the initial limitations have given us the opportunity to explore new perspectives and alternatives.

In this case, El Universal de Venezuela has updated its Milenium platform to the latest version 7.0. and has migrated all its systems to our Media Cloud. On the one hand, this facilitates their editing work thanks to the new functionalities to which they have access, and on the other hand, it is also a guarantee of security.

Now they are confident that their systems are secure in the cloud and are able to edit their journal remotely without limitations, using the HTML5 version of Milenium Editor.

The example of digital transformation is reflected from two perspectives:

The entire process of the project has been carried out remotely and without incidents, making the most of Protecmedia's capacity to resolve everything from commercial management and demonstrations of our products to the development of the entire technical process and the start-up.

On the other hand, El Universal de Venezuela is a medium that has been able to see the opportunity in a totally different scenario to that of just two months ago. The current situation has caused the digitalization processes that had already begun to accelerate, and inevitably this new reality also applies to how the media is being created, edited and published, and how the audience is demanding the information. Digital audiences have increased significantly globally, so the media must adapt to the new behaviors of its readers.

The newspaper has focused on its digital channels and has already begun to publish its digital front page, which it emails to its readers on a personal basis. It is an example of how one media has analysed the current situation and taken a new digital way towards a closer relationship with its readers.

It is this connection that, combined with the capacity to inform and the quality of its contents, defines the differential value that the media brings to its audience. Every action taken during these important moments will make a difference in the future in the commitment of the readers.

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