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Público and Fuldaer Zeitung, awarded in the 21st European Newspaper Award

Público received the Best National Newspaper award and Diário de Notícias won two prizes for two of its front pages. In addition, Fuldaer Zeitung was awarded by the special recognition of the jury at the 21 European Newspaper Award.

This year, the European Newspaper Award (ENA) design competition has designated Público as the winner of the European Newspaper of the Year, in the category of the best national newspaper.

The jury took into consideration the practical, reader-friendly format of the newspaper. The design of its front page, which is usually dominated by a large image, is also noteworthy. The news of the day is usually published throughout the first seven pages of the newspaper, a layout that allows the reader to get a quick overview. The content is usually focused on the main interest news, which has a clear design and layout, with a measured color usage and simple typography. In addition, the high quality of the printed edition reminds to the weekly newspapers.

Beyond this recognition, Público has also received awards for its online version, considered the most successful in Portugal and where the computer graphics, the animated informative videos and the data journalism structure the informative data in a clear and attractive way.

Diário de Notícias joins the Portuguese celebration with two awards obtained for its front pages of the 11 October 2018 and 19 December 2018 editions.

The ENA believes that good journalistic content should not only be well written but also stand out for its powerful visual appearance.

In this 21st edition, the special recognition of the jury goes to the Fuldaer Zeitung, a German regional newspaper whose value proposition lies in innovation as its core business.

The distinguishing feature of the newspaper remains in its structure: an outstanding news item is selected daily, which appears on the front page with a photography and whose content is developed in the following pages, that combine the text with photos and computer graphics. This news can be local, regional or national.

As a result, The Fuldaer Zeitung achieves an unusual proposition for regional newspapers and becomes a reference for the European press.

About the European Newspaper Award

The ENA is a design competition for newspapers, whose first edition was held in 1999. It was founded by the German newspaper designer Norbert Küpper, who is in charge of its organization.

In this 21st edition, there were 184 participants from 25 different countries, with newspapers from Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, Great Britain, and Germany as winners.

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