Innovation and digital strategy, this is how La Gaceta de Salamanca is reinvented

The Spanish regional newspaper renewed the design of its website and implemented a new content manager that will promote audience interaction and monetization

The Gaceta de Salamanca is committed to a new digital strategy to increase its profitability and the commitment of the audience. The renewal includes the change of design of its website and the implementation of technological solutions to synchronize the work of all areas of the writing and also promote new business models.

With the new design, evolves to a more modern and attractive aspect, with thematic modules and tools that promote interaction and improve users' browsing experience.

With respect to technological innovation, La Gaceta de Salamanca maintains a long-term relationship with Protecmedia, through the acquisition of adequate solutions to respond with agility to the different demands of the company and the market. In this opportunity, the company has opted for the IterWeb CMS, under an innovative and functional concept, implemented in the Oracle Cloud platform. For this project, in just under three months, the Protecmedia team managed to: update the version of the editorial system, renew the design of the page and implement the new CMS, carrying out the customization and training processes required by the client.

Cloud mode has allowed the newspaper to reduce implementation costs and, in the future, it is expected to also serve to promote that the technical team can focus on proposing innovations and process improvements, instead of managing more servers and infrastructure.

For the newspaper, this renewal, in addition to the change in aesthetics, has given it "fluidity, solidity and efficiency when it comes to feeding the web".

A modernization strategy that responds not only to the need to strengthen its multiplatform editorial strategy, but also to the commitment to continue investing in technology that allows simultaneous work in the writing and the unlimited accessibility of journalists to the content and platforms of edition.

As part of the digital strategy, the new content manager will provide mobility and flexibility in the work of journalists; allowing them to access the edition of articles for the web from any geographical point. Also the ease for the management of paywall models, the unique creation of articles that work simultaneously for the paper and the web, and the ease offered by the CMS to enrich the articles with social networks and multimedia elements.

This and other utilities offered by Protecmedia solutions provide the Gaceta de Salamanca with an agility and capacity to respond to the challenges of the newspaper business and maintain its brand as the first informative reference of the region.