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Live news and engagement with the new IterWeb module Live Events

With the idea of continuing to offer our clients options to enhance their content strategy and increase their web traffic, we have launched the IterWeb Live Events module to track live events.

The need of the audience to be more connected to the world of news has forced the media to think in formats that allow them to provide their users with information in real time, in a timely and relevant manner.

The rise of fake news and consequently the lack of confidence in social networks is an opportunity that traditional media are taking advantage of to make good use of their of their brand.

The idea is to provide readers with accurate information, immediately and through tools that allow users to feel that they are part of a community and that they are actively participating in the event held.

Regardless of the magnitude of the event, the audience values the possibility of feeling that it is virtually in the place where the news is generated. Always at the technological forefront, Protecmedia seeks to provide tools that facilitate the media audience management and engagement. In this sense, we have launched the new IterWeb Live Events module that allows creating and editing content about live events, according to the information needs of digital media.

With IterWeb Live Events it is possible to manage the minute by minute of a live event, in an intuitive and agile way and without the need to resort to third-party tools.

The newsroom can create and edit the story of coverage such as sporting events, protests, press conferences, etc. enriching them with multimedia elements, social networks, images and video. Also it is possible to share each fragment or post of the story through social networks or push notifications, a strategy that helps to promote interaction with the audience immediately, almost at the time of the news.

Own data and easy configuration

Protecmedia's technology enables live events to be indexed like any other content published on the website, which is fundamental for SEO positioning, one of the pillars of an effective digital strategy.

Likewise, all the contents of the live events are stored in the IterWeb CMS database, that is, they do not belong to any third party service, these being the property of our clients..

Another advantage of the new IterWeb Live Events module is access to exclusive metrics for live events if the client has our MAS Audience Management Service (individual metrics for each of the posts, users' time in the events in direct, etc.). Also, with IterWeb Live Events it is possible to incorporate advertisements in the publications, which can work not only for advertising purposes, but also for the sponsorship of sporting events, news coverage, etc.

The future projection of the media means monetizing and creating sustainable spaces of profitability. We understand the needs of each market and that is why we want to help you keep innovating and driving your business model.

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