New CEO in Protecmedia

Given the forthcoming retirement of the current CEO, Manuel Fernando Gómez-Carpintero, Protecmedia’s Board of Directors has appointed Alejandro J. Lorenzo as the company’s new CEO. Through this appointment, we continue to back professionals with roots in the company, who knows its philosophy and products and the needs of the market.

As from this September, Alejandro J. Lorenzo, who until now has held the position of Manager of the Business Management Unit, will be entrusted with continuing to lead Protecmedia’s technological evolution and its search for new clients and markets, placing a major emphasis on new technologies as the way to achieve future profitability in the media market.

Alejandro J. Lorenzo has been with the company for 17 years, having amassed great experience in charge of the Implementation teams and, more recently, the Commercial Business Management Unit. While in charge, this unit has optimised considerably the solutions for the overall management of digital and print advertising, circulation and subscriptions, offering a creative and innovative vision, having developed successful projects all over the world. He is a graduate in Computer Science from the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid and holds a Master’s degree in Telecommunications from ENST – Bretagne in France.

Manuel Fernando Gómez-Carpintero, who has been with Protecmedia ever since it was created in 1979, will continue as the company’s Chairman. Fernando Gómez dedicated his career to software development until he was appointed CEO in 2000. During this time, Protecmedia has been able to understand and adjust to the rapid process of digital transformation that has affected the journalism business, designing innovative solutions that are tailor-made for our clients and the needs of the industry, while tackling the challenge of the company’s internationalisation.

This year Protecmedia celebrates its 40th anniversary, having consolidated its position as the leading company in the development of software and the provision of services for media companies. At present it is active in 29 countries, having more than 500 clients, and the future offers an opportunity to continue evolving and producing more and better technology, which reflects Protecmedia’s defining characteristics: solidity and quality.