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New organization at Protecmedia: growing in quality, innovation and commitment to the client

We are launching a new organization, with which we reinforce our commitment to client satisfaction and a constant focus on innovation.

In September 2019, Alejandro Lorenzo was designed CEO and top executive of Protecmedia, with Fernando Gómez-Carpintero continuing as President.

We have started the year with the motivation provided by great changes. We are starting a new stage in which our commitment to client satisfaction leads to a transformation that ensures the optimum management of their needs.

Thereby, two geographical areas have been established that integrate all client operations of sales, installation and support, which increases client 'ownership':

- The Latin America area, which embraces Spain, Portugal and Latin America, is led by Juan-Eloy Martín (COO Latin America), with the support of Manuel Cabeza (Country Manager Spain), Francisco Martins (Country Manager Portugal) and José Jorge Gómez (General Manager Latin America).

- The area of Central Europe, Asia, North America and New Markets is coordinated by Herbert Kolling (COO Expansion Areas), with Jaime Rodrigo as Country Manager in France and Assistant to the Operations Management.

There is no better news than facing a new stage from the hope and firmness of making this year a successful one.

A new organization is therefore launched, whose fundamental objective is the adaptation to the market reality and to align talent with the operational needs in order to optimize the benefits we offer to our clients.

Innovation is our reason for being and the lever for transforming our clients' business models. In the continuous effort for innovation, José Luis Gómez assumes the direction of Technology and Innovation as CTIO, bringing together the editorial and management units. Likewise, taking into account the greater entity of the proposal in this respect, we have bet on a new Cloud Business Unit that will allow us to grow in this space and to give an answer to a growing need.

Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of market needs that we have gained over 40 years, we are facing this renewal with confidence in the successes that are yet to come.

Protecmedia is a leading company in the development of software and services for the media, whose future looks like an opportunity to continue evolving and consolidating our seal of identity: partnership with our clients and quality.

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