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Google Lighthouse certifies 100% SEO performance of ITERWCM

Our CMS ITER WCM has obtained the maximum score in SEO positioning with Google Lighthouse.

The result of 100% SEO positioning consolidates our CMS as a media content management system that offers maximum visibility guarantees for newsrooms.

Google Core Web Vitals

Thanks to ITER WCM’s good optimization work in view of the arrival of the Google Web Core Vitals (the new update of its algorithm), the CMS has managed to consolidate its position as a reliable tool for good SEO indexing of contents. The highest score has been obtained through the Google Lighthouse tool on the testing publication “The Mockup”, where the latest CMS optimisations have been applied.

Reaching the top positions in search results does not only depend on the CMS, but it is a task in which the editorial team of the newspaper has a lot to contribute. Without a doubt, a perfect optimisation of the content management system is the basis that ensures the highest visibility of the editorial work.

“Achieving 100% performance in this area highlights the power of ITER WCM to position digital media news in the top positions of organic search results.” (Luis Alberto Merlos, Digital Product Specialist at Protecmedia)

Artificial Intelligence

The great differential advantages of ITER WCM come from the application of Artificial Intelligence mechanisms in its processes:

Automatic update of the sitemap of the website

Automatic application of the metadata of each news item

Editing of the AMP version of the articles for their correct visibility

These are some of the features that have contributed to achieving the highest score in the Google Lighthouse SEO performance analysis.

“Helping our clients achieve the best possible SEO positioning is part of our commitment. Just as we have 24/7 customer service in the client’s language, we have a team dedicated to improving their SEO results.” (María Arenas, Chief Marketing Officer of Protecmedia)
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