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Media Cloud: an agile and remote migration with great advantages

The educational book publisher Tekman Education joins our Media Cloud in a project that has made a leap in ease of their daily work.

Tekman Education has been publishing its teachers' guides for about three years through Milenium. However, when they heard about the possibility of hosting their system in our Media Cloud they did not hesitate to take the step.

The entire process of preparation, configuration and training has been completed remotely during the confinement and in just two weeks since they gave their approval.

What are the advantages you have experienced in switching to our Media Cloud?

1. Thanks to this decision, now the whole team has access to all the functionality of Editorial Media Cloud simultaneously.

2. Guaranteed maintenance and updates from Protecmedia: having hosted their system in our Media Cloud, they have simplified the maintenance processes. They now receive 24/7 support for applications and technological infrastructure from Protecmedia, without the need for other suppliers.

3. The project has been completed in two weeks, and at no time has the process caused any interruption in the team's daily work.

Our Media Cloud is a 100% efficient work and production system in the cloud. It is accessible and perfect for publishing houses that are looking for a flexible system capable of adapting to their needs.

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