The digital transformation of El Norte: the keys to change at all levels

The Ecuadorian newspaper has not only renewed its image: it has decided on a new business model, which focuses on a digital and multi-platform approach

31 years ago saw the launch of El Norte, the benchmark publication in the north of Ecuador which has made technological innovation its watchword from the outset. To coincide with this anniversary, the news company has taken a significant step in its business strategy: the digital transformation of the newspaper, a vital process aimed at ensuring that one doesn’t get left behind in the current scenario. What have been the key factors in this decisive change?

Multimedia integration

The exchange of contents and synergies between the printed version, the web, the TV channel and social networks was one of the objectives of digital transformation. This has been achieved with the implementation of Milenium CMS, which allows this exchange in an optimum, automated and simple manner.

New workflow

The use of automation in the management of contents has made it possible to simplify the production and editing process and establish new workflows in the newsroom.

“Previously we worked in a way that didn’t allow us to produce more than a replica of the print edition online. Now we have much more time to create enriched content.”

Ricardo Cifuentes, editor of the webpage

Getting closer to the audience

At a time when audiences have more power and importance than ever, social networks have become a vital channel for the distribution of news, which means a significant source of traffic. By using IterWeb it is El Norte’s newsroom that manages both distribution via social networks and the sending of push notifications.

New web and new print edition

This is the most obvious change, although this doesn’t make it any less important. A clearer design, with the user in mind and a better user experience, with a catalogue of templates that simplifies the work, both online and in print.