The Italian group Polo Grafico updates its newsroom with Protecmedia’s MILENIUM solution

The four production units of the group work, using the SaaS model, via a CPD located in Turin. Willbit, Protecmedia’s partner, made it possible for all of the publications to start production within a short period of time.

Polo Grafico Spa, a leading news company in the Cuneo province and one of the most important in the Piemonte region in Northeast Italy, has updated its newsroom by implementing the MILENIUM editorial solution. The project was led by Willbit, Protecmedia’s Italian partner.

Polo Grafico is an innovative and solid publishing company that was founded over twenty years ago which has become a benchmark for news in one of the most business-minded areas in Italy. It publishes two newspapers -”IL Giornale del Piemonte” and “ IL Giornale della Liguria”- which came into existence as regional versions of the prestigious national daily “IL Giornale”, founded by Indro Montanelli in 1974. It also owns another three local publications that are published three times per week: IL Nuovo Braidese (for the city of BRA), La Bisalta (for the province of Cuneo), and La Piazza Grande (for the localities of Fossanese and Monregalese).

The scalability and technological flexibility offered by MILENIUM has been vital for the project, which has allowed the group to interconnect its four production centres in Cuneo, Turin, Genoa and Bra with the CPD located in Turin, with a highly optimised configuration and an investment adjusted to the needs and size of its newsrooms.

Polo Grafico has been able to involve in its new editorial project many of the leading entrepreneurs in Piemonte, one of Italy’s most industrial areas.

In addition to the installation of IT infrastructure, worthy of note is the speed with which editors have got to grips with the new solution. In barely 10 days, they have become fully independent in the production of all publications, without requiring further technical support from Willbit-Protecmedia.

Polo Grafico’s publications have an area of influence with a population of close to four and a half million inhabitants. From 2011, the group has significantly increased its strength and presence, thanks to continuous growth in revenue and number of employees as well as certain strategic acquisitions.

Piemonte forms part of the Alps-Mediterranean Euro-region and its capital is Turin. To the north it borders Switzerland (cantons of Valais and Ticino), to the east Lombardy, to the south-east Emilia-Romagna (sharing a border of barely 8 km), to the south Liguria, to the west France (region of Rhône-Alpes and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur), and to the north east the Valle d’Aosta. It is one of the Italian regions with the highest level of exports, with a GDP of 130 billion euros.