The Portuguese group Ongoing uses Protecmedia to launch a new financial newspaper in Brazil

Called Brasil Econômico, it has installed the MILENIUM Cross Media solutions suite in 70 seats

Last October saw the launch of a new newspaper in Brazil called Brasil Econômico. The newspaper belongs to the Portuguese group Ongoing which, for this new launch, decided to use Protecmedia’s solutions suite, MILENIUM Cross Media. The companies have worked together in the past, Ongoing having chosen Protecmedia when starting up its financial daily, Expansão, in Angola. In addition, the group publishes two other financial newspapers in Portugal: Diário Económico and Semanário Económico.

Brasil Econômico has installed MILENIUM Cross Media in 70 seats, thus allowing it to offer a global, modern solution that integrates in a simple manner all workflows, allowing the management and preparation of contents, both editorial and advertising, within a convergent environment. Through this solutions suite, the newspaper can rely on the best possible technology to enable it to withstand the winds of change blowing through the media industry and evolve as fast as the rest of the sector.

The newspaper, which is based in Sao Paulo, has a similar design to that of the Portuguese Diario Econômico but its contents focus solely on Brazilian readers and their interests. The newspaper is on sale from Monday to Saturday with a circulation of 50,000 copies a day.

During the newspaper’s launch, last 8 October, Brazil’s President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, saluted the appearance of this new publication. “The birth of a newspaper means that democracy progresses and is strengthened,“ he stated. Nothing better than starting life with the blessing of the President of your country.