The Portuguese publishing group Trust in News manages their advertisements from now with ADonLINE by Protecmedia

The new Portuguese company relies on Protecmedia’s solution ADonLINE as a platform to manage all their advertisement products.

With beginning of 2018, the company Trust in News (TIN) became the largest press group in Portugal with their purchase of 12 Impresa Publishing’s magazines.

With this, around 180 editorial team employees of Activa, Caras, Caras Decoração, Courrier Internacional, Exame, Exame Informática, Jornal de Letras, TeleNovelas, TV Mais, Visão, Visão História and Visão Júnior magazines have been transferred to the new group.

This complex business movement (an operation amounting to 10.2 million euros) pursues a strategic objective of changes, cleansing of operations and modernization. Some of the acquired magazines as TV Mais and TeleNovelas have already undergone graphic reshuffles, while others, such as Exame, experienced some editorial readjustments.

The CEO of the group marked, that he wants to grow the magazines purchased from the Impresa Group, but also launch new titles as print and through digital channels.

The advantage of TIN lies in its unique position among the Portuguese media. In addition to several other brands, it has more than 103800 subscribers, more than 1.7 million readers according to data from Bareme-Imprensa. The company’s online presences have around 1.347 million followers of Facebook and 114000 followers on Instagram.

The company Trust in News goes for ADonLINE as their advertisement platform

Faced with the fact, that there is a profound transition towards digital, print media companies are looking for new ways to overcome this serious sectoral crisis. The publishing groups in Portugal tend towards cross-media formulas and multimedia strategies, but monetizing digital content and services continues to be one of the biggest challenges, which they must face.

For the management of their advertisement, the new colossus of the Portuguese publishing sector has chosen Protecmedia’s solution for managing advertisement: ADonLINE.

All branches of the group is now using ADonLINE, which allows the commercialization, administration and production of all the advertisement.

ADonLINE combines the capabilities of saving on costs, providing increase to revenues, generating great customer satisfaction and allowing business analysis in real time, with advantages such as easy to operate functionalities.

Shortly after the purchase of the magazine group in January, the ADonLINE project has started around the second half of the month. Albeit the size of the media group and the project, the system was already operating fully by the first week of April.