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Corriere del Ticino reinforces its digital position with ITERWeb

Corriere del Ticino takes another step in strengthening its digital position with the relaunch of Ticino News thanks to the ITERWeb solution.

Corriere del Ticino relies again on ITER Web, this time for the update of Ticino News, its local news website. This client has a long journey with Protecmedia, as it has a total of three websites created and edited with ITERWeb (Corriere del Ticino, Teleticino and now Ticino News too). Besides, it has Milenium for its print edition, whose contents are distributed through Protecmedia's digital channels too. Thanks to this, subscribers can access the print version of the newspaper digitally through ePaper and the Android and iOS apps, which include videos or photo galleries added to enrich it.

In order to update the aesthetics of the website, a great deal of redesign work has been carried out, and several interesting functionalities have been incorporated to encourage audience interaction. The newspaper is entirely satisfied with the result, as it has been able to implement new functionalities that allow it to connect with its readers in a much more dynamic way.

It should be mentioned that a large part of the project has been developed during confinement, so the majority of the development, migration, training and implementation work was done remotely and seamlessly.

Thanks to the possibilities of ITERWeb, the new design and the new functionalities of Ticino News favour more interactive and intuitive navigation, and better user experience.
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