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    The best designed solutions for publishing companies
    Doing business or, in other words, being a feasible journalistic company requires CREATIVITY. That motto has two faces: both the technological and the editorial one. We must create alive publishing products, attractive, connecting with readers through all existing dissemination channels. And we must do so based on efficiency, optimization and analysis capabilities that facilitate Protecmedias’ Solutions. Check on this video how they interact among them.
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    Comprehensive Management of Commercial, financial and production areas increases revenue, saves costs and facilitates the overall analysis
    Modular and open Solutions for the integrated management of all Advertising related needs: business management and multichannel advertising orders; administrative and financial management; and production of original media advertising, with broadcast and automatic sites in the channels and publishing products company regulations.

    CRM management agenda and organization of business.

    Business Mobility. 24 h permanent activity. Comprehensive access from mobile devices.

    Integration with Google DFP and connection with other possible AdServers.

    Campaigns’ Management, agreements and cross media packs from a single order.

    Upselling tools and automatic notification of available spaces.

    B2B and B2C techniques to integrate into the regular flow to sporadic advertisers and increase their level of satisfaction.

    Integration of PayPal as default online means of payment.

    Preflight control and multimedia originals production.

    Automatic placement in each editorial product.

    Integration of Google DFP and other Adservers.

    Command control: analysis and reporting.

    Personalized Strategy in applying QR and AR (Augmented Reality) codes.

    Web-based Management and Production and printed products of classified ads...

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    Multimedia & multi-channel Newsroom at full performance
    The power which a modern editorial office needs to plan and manage every information source and to create, prepare and disseminate its editorial products. With all the flexibility and organization of business models and workflows that are required to optimize the task of each professional and develop the types of products and contents that demand each broadcast channel. Seamless, giving full meaning to the integration and mobility without borders, with customized access and adapted to each professional profile from a single access interface work.

    Design and Editing multichannel publishing products.

    Single managing of shared/common contents in channels and/or various edtitons.

    Intelligent Semantics to classify contents, applied to the analysis of spending habits of readers.

    Web CMS and DAM (Digital Asset Management) autonomous or fully integrated operation.

    Digital Monetization: Paywalls management and new payment models.


    Kiosk and digital platforms’ Management, in its various forms: AppWeb, webApp, enriched ePaper , Smart Contents, delivery platforms as FB-IA, Google AMP, Apple News ...

    e-Commerce Portal for marketing publishing assets.

    Tablets’ Mobile Journalism.

    Integration with social networks.

    Editorial Planning Agenda...

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    AUDIENCE Management 360
    Put the reader in the center of the Business
    Managing the delivery routes nimbly, integrating Distributors, establish accurate forecasts per point of sale, provide quality treatment to digital or printed products’ Subscribers, having capacity for analysis and follow-up on the consumption mode and readers’ preferences ... are crucial variables to ensure the viability of the newspaper company. The most advanced technology is applied to the complete management “Cycle of Audience”: diffusion - feedback - analysis - enriched diffusion.

    CIRCULATION management

    Optimitation of the dissemination and logistics management; patterns of production and transport costs as routes.

    Full integration of distributors in the system for the exchange of information (deliveries, returns, receipts), and management of incidents.

    Geo-Circulation for geographic control of sales.

    Subscriptions (digital & traditional ones).

    Management, marketing and customer loyalty.

    Subscription “à la carte”.

    CRM for the daily management of the Call Center.

    Definition of types of access to products and loyalty areas.

    Marketing studies based on geo-referenced elements.


    Tracking consumer behavior.

    MAS Service: Segmentation and audience’s stimulus through notifications...

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    Partnership as a methodology for success
    From consulting to the support in all its facets, Protecmedia ensures the client through its portfolio of services that always will count on the partner needed to launch and evolve its editorial project.

    Consulting - Project Management: Protecmedia puts its extensive know-how on technological/business aspects, to guide to a complete sucess the project of each client within the agreed deadlines. Close cooperation team is one of our hallmarks.

    Outsourcing – SaaS Cloud: Protecmedia offers its customers technological configurations and management-exploitation services of their infrastructure that best suit their interests and needs.

    Soporte Hot Line 24 X 7 (English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese): Protecmedia offers its customers experienced multidisciplinary teams to ensure service quality remote assistance 24 hours a day 7 days a week professional.

    Software update-Evolution: Through this service, the customer can be assured of having always his software Solutions updated, with new functions & outputs that assure a non-stop updating according to every market demands. On top of that, having Club MILENIUM offers to the customers a permanent window through which they channel their suggestions.

    In the case of the Web and digital channels, Evolutionary Support service allows to respond quickly the constant changes that require these Sandboxes.

    Various: Portals and workflows’ re-design, Training, Implementation-Aid to Deployment, data migration, Pro Active Maintenance Databases, IT Consulting, Communications...

    The Protecmedia’s catalog of services covers in practice the whole needs of the newspaper Company. That is why we encourage you to request all the information needed.