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Metrics attest to the digital revolution of El Correo Gallego, a leading news site in both traffic and registered users

El Correo Gallego has managed to exponentially increase its web traffic and registered users thanks to technological improvements in its editorial department and the total renovation of its product.

After migrating over 15 years of articles, the site has managed not only to avoid losing traffic, but has in fact achieved a huge boost to most of its metrics thanks to a vast improvement in SEO positioning:

In 2020, El Correo Gallego celebrated its 50,000th publication: an event that marked the beginning of a total technical overhaul of its editorial department.

The site received an average of 3 million page visits per month.

It had an average Google-results position of 6.2.

El Correo Gallego contacted Protecmedia determined to make the move to cutting-edge technology, as its previous editorial system had become obsolete.

The key objective was to offer a high-quality digital editorial product without neglecting the paper version, while fully adapting this to its audience.

The newspaper wanted to establish more efficient processes and achieve a total overhaul of the editorial-department workflow: “editors should stop thinking at 9 pm and start thinking at 9 am.”

To update the editorial tool and secure a solution allowing the newspaper to merge its paper and web versions.

They wanted to recoup much of the advertising revenue that was being lost to intermediaries within their system.

“Focusing on mobile through an advanced technological tool that allows the newspaper to keep up with the times and with the latest technology in 2020.”

(Alberto Tajes, General Director of El Correo Gallego)

In just four months, Protecmedia offered a technological solution ensuring a complete 180° overhaul for working processes and completely renovating both the website and print version.

The previous system did not allow the team to edit content from outside of the office. The final days of the project coincided with the arrival of the pandemic and the need for working from home, thereby accelerating the process – which was completed remotely – and allowing the entire El Correo Gallego team to work from home during lockdown.

This has resulted in a complete overhaul of the workflow and a significant change in editorial-department processes: now, news is produced throughout the day – both for the website and for the paper version.

Thanks to the new Media Cloud editorial system, processes have been automated and losses in efficiency within the company’s daily work resolved.

“Before the implementation of the Protecmedia application, we had clearly differentiated teams and workflows: there was a workflow for the newspaper and a workflow for the website.”

Xavier Cea (Web Director of El Correo Gallego)

50% increase the site’s loading speed

90% reduction in slow pages

80% increase in revenue from mobile advertising

100% increase in page views/month*

1 million increase in push notifications/day

An average Google-results position of 3.5

2.3% increase in CTR

*During the first month this increased to 4.5 million page views (+1.5 million). Today, they have already achieved an average of 6 million monthly page views, representing a 100% increase.

*After the first month, figures exceeded 55,000 subscribers. In just 10 months, the website obtained over 140,000 push-notification subscribers.

“Switching to Protecmedia has allowed us to regain total control over the site’s mobile version, and we believe that we can double the revenue we have been achieving to date.” (Alberto Tajes, General Director of El Correo Gallego)

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