Really Simple Syndication
Keep informed about our activities at all times

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a technology which automatically and instantaneously sends the contents requested. To enable you to receive the latest news about Protecmedia on your computer and/or your Smartphone, here is what you have to do:

1) To view on your PC:

You need to have an aggregator or reader program installed. If you don't have one, you can install one free of charge. Some of the most popular ones are:




Cut and paste into the "Subscribe" option offered by your reader or aggregator the following URL:

2)To view on your Smartphone (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry) enter the web page on your Smartphone via your Internet browser and click on the link for your type of smartphone:



You will be automatically redirected to the corresponding marketplace and the Protecmedia RSS app will be installed on your smartphone, allowing you to view the contents in a very agreeable and easy manner.

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