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This is how Revue Banque completed its global business digitalisation

Revue Banque completes its digital transformation and strengthens its brand strategy with Protecmedia

Revue Banque is the leading French-speaking publication for banking and finance professionals.

Over the last year, Revue Banque's team has carried out a full technology renovation project with Protecmedia. They have implemented the Media Cloud solutions ecosystem, and gained in agility, flexibility and potential for growth.

Revue Banque relied on the help of a digital consulting firm to define the project by studying the situation, their goals and their needs. The result was a detailed RFP, which Protecmedia responded and adjusted to perfectly.

Their technology to date required a lot of time spent on maintaining it, and sometimes it did not offer the necessary capabilities for Revue Banque to adapt to the needs of its digital audience.

Also, Revue Banque's team was in need of a complete, stable ecosystem to manage its digital presence: keep their website up to date, send newsletters to their members, post on their social media profiles and offer different types of digital subscriptions to their readers.

Their past experiences with various providers led them to choose Protecmedia as their single provider: with a consolidated tracked record and business robustness, Protecmedia is the perfect provider for Revue Banque.

The Media Cloud ecosystem integrates the technology solutions required to manage all of the business areas. Additionally, it ensures technological stability, agility and flexibility: it is constantly upgrading and adjusting to the changes in the digital environment and staying ahead of the needs of the media.

Their print version subscribers did not grow, they were stalled.

Their web traffic was dropping, because they were losing presence and brand awareness.

Other specialist media in their niche were winning digital readers.

Their brand image was old fashioned (their webpage's design was obsolete).

They were able to maintain their reporting quality but did not expand their digital audience.

Their main source of income was print subscriptions; advertising did not generate a lot of revenue.

Deploy an CMS to manage their digital content.

One of their main goals was to grow their digital audience and start to monetise it.

Facilitate content publication in digital and print format.

Update the design of their webpage, improve their user experience and increase the load speed.

Optimise the SEO positioning of their news items

Improve their online user experience:

- Facilitate searches

- Offer content based on the users' interests

- Offer a complete, intuitive personal space

Renovate their technology to optimise their team's performance: gain autonomy, streamline processes and save time in management tasks

Enable a paywall to generate revenue from digital subscriptions

Implementing the project was a simple, more agile process than if they had chosen technology from different providers. On Media Cloud, the solutions are already integrated, and management is unified through a single provider.

In order to streamline the publication of digital and print content, they adopted Media Cloud Editorial, a production system that enables centralised operations.

In addition to the integrated print and digital editorial system, they included web analytics, the paywall and management of digital subscriptions.

They opted for a flexible paywall. They can configure it (hard, metered, freemium, etc.) depending on their digital subscription strategy.

With Media Cloud, they have a complete, scalable, flexible and constantly updated technology ecosystem.

Their audience has grown.

They no longer need to access their code to manage their digital content. They now have an CMS with good usability to produce content with much greater agility.

Automations enhance process agility, team efficiency and the outlet's profitability.

Day-to-day technological management is now simpler: they have a single counterpart and no longer need to keep their technology updated. Protecmedia works constantly to upgrade its solutions.

Both the editorial product and the content are much more suited to the audience's interests. Media Cloud Editorial allows for content customisation depending on the habits of readers, thus fostering reader loyalty.

Their new website is responsive.

MAS is an analytics tool integrated into the entire technology system that offers useful newsroom metrics, complies with the GDPR and sends push notifications to their readers.

With ecommerce DXP, they can open a portal on their website to market all of their products: books, magazine subscriptions, tickets to events, training, etc.

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