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MAS: The analytical and segmentation tool for the media.

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MAS is the analytical and segmentation tool for editorial media that offers an accurate and effective analysis of digital audiences. Here is why MAS is the winning bet for the editorial media:

1. Real-time article data

Whatever your editorial CMS is, MAS analyses your audience in detail and in real time. It also displays the data through simple, easy-to-interpret graphs. The great advantage is that it offers information on specific pages, blocks and articles.

2. RFV Score Analysis

It is able to segment your readers and establish user categories according to their fidelity degree. Thus, it is possible to apply different loyalty strategies for each type of user.

3. A/B testing

Always show the best version of your article among several possible image and text options.

4. According to GDPR legislation

It is a tool legally in accordance with the GDPR, since the audience data belong only to the media.

5. Express implementation

Once you decide to have MAS, the implementation process will be so fast that in just a few hours it will start analyzing all your data.

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