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Why media outlets are the new e-commerce drivers

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News companies are starting to work as an important source of positioning and sales for e-commerce.

Media companies have become very relevant agents for e-commerce. The good results that publishers bring to advertisers consolidate this practice as an important source of revenue in business strategies. Perhaps the challenge facing newsrooms is to keep their journalistic content-neutral and independent of corporate interests. However, content created by and for brands also provides a compelling narrative for their audience.

Why media outlets are the new e-commerce drivers

Branded content as an important source of revenue for advertisers and publishers

According to a recent eMarketer research, by 2024, digital media advertising will account for 20% of advertisers' total investment. One of the most important trends in the industry in recent years is advertisers' investment in sponsored content.

Branded content articles are a source of relevant information for users before they make an online purchase. The interests of news companies and advertisers seeking brand awareness and direct sales can lead to sponsored content strategies that bring more sales to advertisers, more traffic to the media (which, in addition, receive a percentage of sales from their content), and added value to users, who are increasingly looking for product information before making a purchase.

Why media outlets are the new e-commerce drivers

In-house branded content agencies: from the New York Times to Unidad Editorial

According to a recent Criteo survey, 7 out of 10 consumers are informed by online articles before making a purchase. The good results obtained by both advertisers and media outlets are helping to consolidate these practices, bringing value to users and benefits to publishers and advertisers.

The significant growth that branded content is experiencing has led to large media companies creating their own in-house agencies. The New York Times created T-Brand Studio, which has already won important awards and recognitions. Some examples of Spanish news companies that are following this business idea are El Confidencial, with EC Brands and Unidad Editorial with UE Studio.

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