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This is how Código Nuevo works – a benchmark for experimenting and diversity of formats

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The Código Nuevo team has just been to the European Parliament, invited there as an example of social media strategy for reaching new audiences.

Código Nuevo is the vertical of the Prensa Ibérica Group aimed at the Millennial and Gen Z audience, fundamentally focussing on mental health and relationships.

Committed to experimenting with all kinds of digital formats, Código Nuevo has just started its 'Mejor que Arder' (Better Than Burning) podcast. This project is the result of a love its creators, Sara and Guillermina, who head up the Código Nuevo reporting team, have for reading.

The project combines audio and video formats, both of which are massively trending, and a subject matter that has gone viral among younger people on social media: reflections on reading – in this case, based on their own experiences. This comes from the Código Nuevo commitment to projects that are of personal interest to its team members, which is one of its priorities, ensuring the team is motivated and generates honest content that the audience finds its easy to connect with.

The simple language and relaxed tone of the podcast adapt to the premise on which they communicate on any matter: “Everything in existence in the world right now, everything that is happening, can be communicated to young people in a totally innovative way to resonate with them.”

What profiles are on the Código Nuevo team?

Código Nuevo has a multidisciplinary team that stands out for its innovation and freshness. There are profiles from the areas of reporting, video, design, social media and advertising. Each of them contributes to the content creation process, adapting to the media outlet's editorial line.

The whole team works together and comprises profiles that are in constant contact with the content that is trending on TikTok and Instagram, so the team is fully familiar with what is being discussed and how, and they reflect this in their content ideas.

How is the content strategy defined at Código Nuevo?

In recent years, there has been a change in work processes due to the way content is consumed by their audience: blogs as the preferred choice of Millennials have given way to TikTok and Reels videos for Gen Z.

They publish several articles on their website every day, from which they select the ones that are shared on social media. They create a post with a catchy headline, which generates curiosity to drive traffic to the website. Each social media network also has its own content strategy based on the trends and codes that work best. Instant news content is always created in video or post format, whereas they work with more timeless content for the website.

The strategy is defined at weekly meetings with the participation of all areas of the team: reporting, social media, advertising, design and video. They all analyse together what is important to be told and what is trending on social media: “We know there are lots of subjects that could be translated into an article but, ultimately, the way we communicate is of huge importance. How you bring the subject to the audience is what is most important.

How can the media really innovate?

To get the right format to interest each media audience, Código Nuevo knows that they need to test, innovate, make mistakes and do it over and over again until they find the way to communicate that really works. And to work with young profiles, who know the codes and dynamics that are getting results:

“These new profiles should be the ones to share their know-how with the lifelong journalists. That’s how to make it sustainable and for it not to feel ‘fixed’. There’s no reason for an older person to do the reels and feel uncomfortable with it. There has to be a balance and an intergenerational collaboration that combines experience with a fresh take.”

Can TikTok be monetised?

Unlike Instagram and other networks, TikTok does not heighten the visibility of sponsored content. So, brands find it very difficult to directly monetise on this network. However, it is one that turns organic content viral rapidly.

What the Código Nuevo advertising team does is to offer its advertisers target KPIs with different insertions on its channels. They negotiate a branded content pack for each brand where the results are achieved jointly: a video for Instagram, a video for TikTok and an article on the website.

The advantage of Código Nuevo when it comes to offering different insertions to advertisers is that it is a highly versatile medium, with an extremely multi-faceted way of communicating and it adapts easily to each channel's communication codes. This means that the publications that work for the brands adapt very well to its style and get good results.

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