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Is the paywall the key to your digital subscription strategy?

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We explore the key aspects of the current context in which audiences and media are situated concerning the model of digital subscriptions and paywalls.

Over the last few months, digital media have significantly increased their data on visits, engagement and subscriptions, and forecasts indicate that this is a trend that will continue over time. We, therefore, propose a summary of the key factors and current trends about the model of digital subscriptions through paywalls:

1. New times, new models

The pandemic has made readers much more aware of the value of information and has had a huge impact on their engagement with digital media. Moreover, forecasts remain positive, as data suggest that there has been a widespread shift among audiences that will continue in the future.

It is also important to point out that, given the notable decrease in advertising revenues, one of the options that are offering the best results is the approach of a paywall as a way to get subscribers.

2. The value of the digital media

Digital offers multiple advantages that the audience demands, such as immediacy or dynamism. In this sense, there is an infinite number of possibilities that give it great value, such as animated infographics, live events or customized push notifications.

Audiences are much more committed to those media that offer them formats and content adapted to their interests.

This will encourage a receptive attitude to the approach of a subscription model through a paywall.

3. The subscription trend

Subscription-based payment models have been gaining ground for years and have become established as a popular payment alternative beyond the media sector. The most outstanding examples can be found in audiovisual streaming platforms, but the reality is that they are already widely accepted in all kinds of fields.

In particular, media audiences access information regularly, which fits very well with the approach of a subscription model. If a subscriber integrates access to the information they pay for into their daily lives, it is easy for them to understand the value of their subscription and for the model to work.

eCommerce DXP is a new module of ITERWeb that forms the essential technological infrastructure needed to implement a strategy based on digital subscriptions.

Protecmedia offers technological support for the needs required by the media, which have seen the subscription model gain strength as a result of the pandemic. For this reason, we have developed a new solution that allows ITERWeb users to manage their digital subscriptions.

With eCommerce DXP it is possible to take the step and start a new digital subscription strategy in a simple, quick way, adapted to your medium and with detailed control of the results.

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