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3 reasons why Iter is the best CMS for the SEO for your news stories

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Iter is the CMS that helps journalists optimise technical aspects to achieve the best SEO positioning for their news stories.

Everyone knows that for Google content is king, but the website's technical aspects must be properly optimised to ensure the best positioning for news stories. Content SEO and technical SEO must go hand in hand.

Protecmedia helps media outlets with the technical optimisation of news websites to ensure that download speed is the fastest possible, usability for the user is optimal and browsing is properly adapted for mobiles. CMS Iter solves all of these issues so that writers can concentrate on their journalism work and inform readers through high-quality content.

The latest Google algorithm changes like Helpful Content Update confirm that useful content for users, written by people and for people, will continue to be positioned. In this sense, journalists will not need to worry about writing for an algorithm, and can instead continue to perform their job of providing first-rate information to readers.

SEO positioning for newsroom 3.0

The concept of newsroom 3.0 refers to newsroom teams that use Artificial Intelligence and the latest technologies to work more efficiently, automate processes and eliminate repetitive tasks.

Iter is the web CMS for the MDXP ecosystem, the set of technology solutions that Protecmedia offers to media outlets. One of its biggest advantages is that it works as an SEO assistant for newsrooms with features especially designed for positioning news stories:

1. Automatic keyword tagging

One of the most useful features is automatic keyword tagging. When a writer writes a new news story, Iter automatically suggests the best tags. The semantic intelligence engine can “read” the text and identify the most relevant keywords. It then suggests the tags that will best position the content.

2. Live news minute by minute

Iter includes the option of broadcasting any news story minute by minute quickly and easily. When there is an important event (award ceremony, sports match, elections) users look for the latest information, in detail and as up-to-date as possible. Google positions news stories that broadcast live updates in detail.

3. SEO traffic light system

Iter's SEO traffic light system gives a score between 1 and 100 according to the news story's optimisation, which looks similar to the Google Lighthouse scoring system for website performance. It also includes a list with tips for the writer to optimise positioning.

As well as ensuring the news story is properly positioned, all of these features included in Iter are useful to streamline the newsroom's work, which is especially important for any digital newsroom.

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