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Les Éditions Nordiques adopts Media Cloud Advertising

The agreement will enable the Canadian group to manage its print and digital advertising campaigns in a unified way.

Protecmedia and Les Éditions Nordiques, a Quebec regional weekly press group. Both have signed a new partnership project for the installation of Media Cloud Advertising.

Les Éditions Nordiques has already been using Protecmedia's Media Cloud Editorial platform since 2019 for all its publications. This new project will ensure an integrated flow from the entry of multi-channel advertising orders to the publication of the advertisement on all their publications.

The objective of this new project is to adopt a modern and powerful commercial management system that guarantees an optimal integration with the editorial system. This integration will help to simplify the flow (bookings, proofs, invoicing, commissions, etc.) and reduce hidden costs by streamlining tasks and eliminating manual processes while at the same time enhancing the value of the inventories and the relationship with the advertisers.

Protecmedia's Media Cloud Advertising allows the unified and efficient management of the contracting, management and invoicing of all print and digital advertising campaigns (thanks to the integration with its AdServer).

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